Month: March, 2012

Tyler Trenton and TygaX breeding Bareback

31 March, 2012 (17:27) | RawRods | By: blatino

Do you like black boy teen(18+) petite cute slutty bottom bitches, then look no further. Take a look here at Tyler Trenton from RawRods! You will love this litte black gay boy as much as I do!Tyler and Tyga hit it off on the beach and go back to Tygas crib to chill. Tyga thinks Tyler wants to chill and drink but all Tyler wants to is get bent over and dicked down deep n hard. Luckily that’s Tygas specialty. He falls instantly in love with Tylers tight ass and can’t stop layin the pipe. TygaX busts all over Tylers face then leans down to lick it all up.

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Trey Tarrell and his Hot Solo Session

30 March, 2012 (17:11) | CocoDorm | By: blatino

Free gallery with Trey Tarrell from CocoDorm. This hot dude got a nice muscualar body, smooth dark brown skin and a nice medium sized cock.

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Elmo Jackson and Phantom Fuck Bouncing

29 March, 2012 (17:03) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Elmo Jackson trying to git his exercise on at ThugBoy Studios, but the foo lost his key. Phantom is there for the rescue, but the brotha only got fucking on his mind, so the two head back to tha room. Pants fucking flying off in no time fa sho and dicks get sucked and asses get eaten and then Phantom forces his big ass thug pipe down Elmo’s anal cavity. Fucking Elmo bouncing all over that dick like a pro and Phantom fucks him good. In return Elmo cums all up in Phantom’s mouth for some hot snow baling action.

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Cody Kyler and DeAngelo Jackson Interracial Fuck

28 March, 2012 (16:43) | MixItUpBoy | By: blatino

DeAngelo got himself some new wheels from MixItUpBoy Studios , a brand new Challenger, a real man’s car for sure. Muscle packed just like DeAngelo himself, with a gorgeous long bulging hood hiding that fantastic 5.7 liter HEMI V8 and its 372 horsepower of fury and about 400 lb-ft of tire melting torque, just the kinda ride a brotha needs for grocery getting duties. DeAngelo takes good care of his new beauty as well, givin her a good bath, making sure she ain’t losing that luster. While washing the Challenger, Cody Kyler comes strolling along, instead of helping with the bath he’s just thinking dick and DeAngelo can’t help himself, but lead Cody to the pool for a little fiery action. That boy sure knows how to suck a dick and take it too! DeAngelo lets Cody bounce up and down that thug pipe all day long and mercilessly pounding Cody into the ground. These two put on a hot show fa sho with DeAngelo absolutely dominating!

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Stranded on Bareback Island – Bruno, Junioir & Thiago

27 March, 2012 (17:54) | SDBoy | By: blatino

I want to be stranded on this island too, just follow the moaning and you will find these guys 😉 This is great from SDBoy aka San Diego Boy.These three horny buddies are ready for action. Licking, kissing and rimming leads to a round robin of hardcore man sex bareback fucking. These guys have horse hung cocks that slide deep inside each other’s thigh holes. After the cumfest, off to play in the ocean waves to wash off the creamy goo.

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Dejuan Diamond and Domino Star in Black Ass Fucking

26 March, 2012 (09:20) | CocoDorm | By: blatino

Free gallery with Dejuan and Domino, my two favorite black twinks over at CocoDorm. Here they are teamed up for nice suck and fuck session, and I love it.19 year old DeJuan sitting in on a bizniz meeting about some skateboards or some shit like that, Domino Star is giving the presentation but DeJuan don’t give no fuck. He just starts day dreaming about that fine ass presenter dude and before you know it Domino Star is sitting naked in front of DeJuan who straight up let’s a homie know he wanna fuck him hard. DeJuan got all the cakes in the world and Domino is eager to get in there with his monster piece. He fucks DeJuan bent over the table and then let’s him ride that dick til it’s time for everybody to get some nuts!

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Blain Tutera and Golden Secret

25 March, 2012 (08:51) | MixItUpBoy | By: blatino

Blain Tutera meeting up with his old homie Golden Secret. Been a minute since they been chilling, so Golden invites Blain over for some drinks and before you know it Blain is sucking that dick and getting his ass ready for Golden’s phat black dick. Blain is in love with that chocolate meat, taking it all in getting fucked hard on the couch. Golden can fuck this boy for hours, that’s for sure… he delivers endless ass destruction til it’s time to bust some nuts.

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Domino Star Ass Wrecking Tyler Trenton

24 March, 2012 (08:35) | RawRods | By: blatino

Little black bitch Tyler is back for some raw ass ripping action with big dick super star Domino at RawRods. Oh yeah!Mr. Star is in charge of detention and Tyler shows up for skipping glass. Tyler’s being all mouthy n shit and Mr. Star asks him if he wants a dick in dat mouth. He shuts Tyler up pretty quick with his fat dick and puts Tyler on the table and fucks the hell outta him for not doing his assignment. Mr. Star end detention by busting a huge nut all over Tyler’s ass and says “Dis is how the bad boys get down huh?” It sho is!

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Domino Star and Ignition

23 March, 2012 (16:47) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Popular black Porn Star , Domino Star  is back for more hot action together with Ignition over at ThugBoy. Splendid! 🙂Domino Star and Ignition checking into their hotel room and some fool left his iPhone in there so they figure they better get their fuck on quick before someone comes to pick dat shit up! Domino already done told Ignition how he gets down and Ignition wants all that dick. He know it’s gonna be good. Domino straight up dominating that brother, giving it to him hard just fucking that cute lil ass til he blasts a fat nut all over Ignition’s chest!

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Breion Diamond and Levi Summers

22 March, 2012 (08:08) | MixItUpBoy | By: blatino

Breion and Levi taking a shower together gettin all sensual and romantic. But Breion isn’t the kinda dude who’s gentle, so he tells Levi’s to get on his knees and suck that motherfuckin black dick. After the shower they head to the bedroom to finish what they started. Levi works hard sucking that piece making sure it’s all ready for his ass. Breion’s dick is big, but Levi can take it. He loves it so much he’s busting all over Breion while riding him!

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