Month: April, 2012

Tray and Will2K Wide Hole Fucking

29 April, 2012 (05:06) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Tray at ThugBoy callin up his boy Will2K to chill, have a couple drinks o whatever, but Tray a sly motherfucker. While Will2K drops by Tray be taking a shower, so Will2K gets horny as fuck Tray steps outta that shit with just a towel wrapped around. The two get at it right away with Tray throwing himself on top of Will. The two chiseled body brothers are making that bed move for sure. Tray fucks that face and eats that ass and fucks Will hard with his fat black dick. Tray really laying down some hurtin on that ass, but Will is all for it. At least Tray lets Will jerk off all over his sexy abs after he gets his on nut on Will.

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Brasil Alexander and Domino Star

28 April, 2012 (04:57) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Brasil at ThugBoy  cruisin online for some dick, thinking he can sneak in a quick fuck while Domino is out. Shit, well, Domino wakes up and looks at Brasil’s laptop, he knows damn well Brasil went out to fuck around, so he gonna teach Brasil a lesson. Brasil tries to play it cool, saying he went to the corner store, but Domino ain’t buying that shit. Domino starting to get a lil ruff with Brasil, making sure he knows his place, only thing Brasil can do now is suck Domino’s dick and make it all better. Good thing Brasil knows how to treat that thug pipe right, taking that dick in all deep getting it all sloppy and ready for his wet hole. Domino makes sure he’s gonna remember this ass pounding for a while!

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Prettyboy and Geo

27 April, 2012 (00:49) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Yea ya’ll was looking at Justin and Deka at ThugBoy and be like wassup wit em other sweaty ass thugs? The fuck they be doing! So yea, this the deal, following Prettyboy and Geo around after the game. Thugz had the same shit in mind, pounding the ever loving fuck outta each other! Yea, and dats wassup. Play hard, fuck hard! Prettyboy be one hell of a dick taker!

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Dzyer Whyte and Romeo Storm

26 April, 2012 (13:35) | RawRods | By: blatino

Dzyer is kickin it at RawRods when Romeo comes knocking on the do’ asking whats good. Romeo is looking for some ass and Dzyer happens to have a real nice phat one that needs fucked! Romeo licks that hole and fucks it real deep. Dzyer backs it up on that brother, bouncing on it like tha tru bottom he is and Romeo unleashes his nut all over Dzyer’s face. That’s some good fuckin fo sho!

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AJ Jones and Domino Star

25 April, 2012 (13:28) | RawRods | By: blatino

Domino Star at RawRods is in detention again, but he just don’t give a fuck. He just loves popping in that mazurka and AJ realizes he can’t set this foo straight, so might as well just have some fun and get naked and fucked raw in the ass by that big dick brother. Domino always wanted to fuck the counselor and he finally gets his chance. He ain’t hesitating when AJ takes control of that pipe and sucking it. Domino fucks AJ hard all bent over that bench, tearing that magicking ass up and nutting right in his mouth!

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Day Day and Manny Baby

24 April, 2012 (13:20) | RawRods | By: blatino

Day Day and Manny Baby from RawRods are out for a run on a hot Miami day but all that exercise is just making them both horny. Manny goes back to Day Day’s place to chill but the workout ain’t over yet! They strip down and just get more sweaty while Manny starts to suck on Day Day’s big dick. He gets it all wet then bends over to get his tight hole opened up. It wasn’t easy but Manny eventually gets the deep dicking he knows he needs. Day Day fucks a huge load outta him then unleashes his all over Manny’s face.

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Raw Work Out with Tyler Trenton

23 April, 2012 (10:11) | RawRods | By: blatino

Just another day at the RAW Work-Out Center  with everybody all hot after their workout. Workin out has Day Day, Tyga Tyler and Zy real fucking horny. They eating ass, sucking dick and fucking like there’s no tomorrow. It’s just a big ass orgy up in here. Nothing better than a protein shake after the gym and they all make sure to get a taste.Love seeing petite black teen Tyler Trenton in the middle of this hot gay orgy

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Latino Twinks Fred and Ian

22 April, 2012 (06:58) | LatinoSmooth | By: blatino

Fred and Ian are two delicious Latino twinks having some fun over at LatinoSmooth. Ian slips off fred’s clothes and kisses his body then works his way down to his thick dick. Jerking and sucking his buddies thick uncut cock till he’s rock hard and ready to fuck!

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Chase Carter and Dejuan Diamond

21 April, 2012 (16:54) | CocoDorm | By: blatino

Dejuan drops by Chase Carter’s construction site  at  CocoDorm  and wondering wtf he still gotta work on, and Chase let a brotha know he wanna work on dat ass with his monster drill. Dick Dejuan down real good til that ass explodes. Dejuan loves the taste of that dick taking that dick in real deep and once Chase is ready to fuck that ass he ain’t letting go til he busts a fat nut all over Dejuan’s ass and back.

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Nick Da Kannon and Rico Pierre

20 April, 2012 (16:37) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Two slim brothas doing tha thang right at ThugBoy . Some fuckin big ass dixxx in this one fa sho, and dat bro Kannon can deep throat that shit like whoa man. Ricco can’t keep up wit dat, but da Nick got a big ass dick too and gets to pound the hell outta dat fine ass. Ricco taking the huge piece all the way in and lovin every second of it. Gorgeous nut in the end two all ova dat thug’s lips and shit spreading tha juicy love between them brothas wit a delicious cum filled kiss. Dayum dem freaks be real fuckin into dat shit.

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