Month: June, 2012

Diego Diamond Show his Big Latino Cock at Squirtz

30 June, 2012 (20:53) | Squirtz | By: blatino

The one thing we all think of when we hear the name Diego Diamond is that big brown, nine inch cock of his. Squirtz Studios were impressed by it in his first Squirtz video two years ago and then they saw him almost rip Bobby Long in half with it in his first duo. Now Diego is back looking better than ever and that cock is still big. But at least now Diego knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a dick. After years of being strictly top, Diego admits that he has tried bottoming with his ex-boyfriend. And guess how he liked it?

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Canadian Latino Calderone Squirts at

28 June, 2012 (20:32) | Squirtz | By: blatino

Young Latino Calderone came looking for a little bit of sexual adventure at Squirtz Studios in Canada . That’s not to say he hasn’t already had plenty of sexual adventure of his own. Even at his tender age, Calderone seems to just love finding exciting situations in which to explore his  hunger for sex. He’s not content to sit back and let it come to him, he gets out there and finds the action. And why not. He’s young, thin, brown, cute and has a big cock. But in spite of a very impressive cock, Calderone really likes to bottom all raw. Sure he can top if he has to, but as he tell us in this interview he finds it a bit boring.

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Flamez and Nick Wild

26 June, 2012 (23:58) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Flamez and Nick Wild hooking up just like that at ThugBoy. The two hot and horny black brothers be feeling each other for sure. Nick Wild be taking that fat dick real good. Flamez be given his young brother a good anal beating, fucking him hard in a half dozen positions and shooting all up in that pretty boyish face of Nick’s who drinks down the cum like it’s strawberry milk.

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Baby Star and DeAngelo Jackson at ThugBoy

24 June, 2012 (23:45) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

DeAngelo is giving Latino Baby Star a real rub down in bed at ThugBoy with some lotion and a blindfold. A little bit of romance never hurt nobody, right? Well all that massaging got Baby Star and DeAngelo horny as fuck. Baby Star handcuffs DeAngelo and starts to tease his dick with his tongue and mouth til he can’t take it any more. DeAngelo mounts Baby Star and gives that boy a real rough fucking until Baby busts his nut all over.

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Dejuan Diamond and Koriss at ThugBoy

23 June, 2012 (23:39) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Korris is spending the night over at Dejuans crib at ThugBoy Studios , getting a little break from his girlfriend. Dejuan sets up the bed for him but Korris is horny as hell. He gets Dejuan down on his dick and tells him he sucks it better than his girl. You know Korris isn’t just happy with some head tho and he stuffs Dejuans tight ass and gets him backing it up on it. They bust dat nut and Dejuan lets Korris know to stop by again anytime his girl gets mad.Is Dejuan Diamond that black twink that got fucked by that Senator ?

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Dmino Star and Meko Mills at ThugBoy

22 June, 2012 (23:23) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Meko from ThugBoy Studio  is trying to hit up ebony porn-star Domino for a ride to da club but Domino is already in bed. There’s only one way to wake Domino up and that’s by getting his dick hard and having him bust a nut. By the time Domino eats Mekos ass and gets his legs up in the air he’s saying shit like he isn’t sure if he can take all that pipe but he knows if he wants that ride he better. Domino is straight up loving that tight ass and there’s no way he’s letting Meko run from his big dick til he shoots.My God Meko is a nice slim petite black boy , taking Domino’s big cock with ease. Just love it! Hoping for bareback next time 😉

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Damien Dickenson and Koriss

21 June, 2012 (23:15) | RawRods | By: blatino

Damien at RawRods Studios was doing some painting when Koriss came in to check up on his work. Koriss was pretty impressed with the work but pointed out that he missed a spot, then dropped trou! Damien went right to licking that hot ass then bent Koriss over and dicked him down real good. Koriss was loving that pipe and Damien showed him just how thorough of a job he likes to do. This is a sweaty fuckfest you don’t wanna miss and Damien makes sure to empty a huge nut in Koriss mouth.This seem like a great new couple over at RawRods.

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Day Day and TygaX Bareback Adventures

20 June, 2012 (22:58) | RawRods | By: blatino

Tyga from RawRods runs into Day Day on the beach after a swim and gets invited back to Day Day’s crib. Day Day offers him a drink but what Tyga really wants is some of dat dick! Day Day has Tyga’s legs shaking from all that fucking and you know he don’t stop til he empties his nuts! Brothers be fucking all day long in all positions til they end up an exhausted sweaty mess!Damn Day Day is mighty big!

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Dzyer Whyte and Manny Baby Bareback Fuck

19 June, 2012 (22:31) | RawRods | By: blatino

Dzyer and Manny at RawRods  been messaging on their new phones . It was getting too hot so they decided to meet n get their fuck on. Manny is loving Dzyer’s phat ass and can’t help but get his share too. He buries that pipe balls deep, drilling Dzyer real good and hard. He finishes on Dzyer then shoves  that wet dick in again for one last dip.Nothing like a bareback cumfuck at at RawRods  😉

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TygaX and Tyler Trenton Flip Flop Fuck

18 June, 2012 (22:20) | RawRods | By: blatino

Tyler and TygaX at RawRods are feeling horny today so they figure they might as well get naked and have a rough little fuck fest. Tyga drills Tyler so hard tha neighbors probably heard dat shit. Tyler isn’t happy just bottoming tho and is in the mood to fuck Tygas ass too. This is a versatile fuck party today, for real. We got Tyga busting his nut all over Tylers face, and Tyler busting his all over Tygas chest. Tyler finishes it all by locking it all up cause that’s just how he do.Think this is one of Tyler’s first time as a top. I like it, but prefers him beeing the bottom 😉

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