Month: July, 2012

Damien Dickenson in The CocoDorm

31 July, 2012 (19:40) | CocoDorm | By: blatino

This is my second post from CocoDorm today. Here is Black stud Damien Dickenson , kind of opposite type from Meko Mills that I previous posted. Meko is more my type, but one thing that is for sure is seeing them both together barebacking would be extremely HOT!

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CocoDorm Meko Mills Free Gallery

31 July, 2012 (19:33) | CocoDorm | By: blatino

Meko Mills is up at CocoDorm , this 19 year old twink got a cute young looking face and a nice body. He is the obvious coice if you need a paint-job this summer, or should we say a blow job ??? 😉  Enjoy this gallery of Meko and get full video here.

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Black Slut JP Richards and Daddy Mitch Vaughn

30 July, 2012 (13:24) | MyGayBoss, Phoenixxx | By: blatino

How Badly Do You Want It at MyGayBoss? Mitch Vaughn wants JP Richards to prove to him just how much he wants the job. JP gets down to service Mitch’s hard cock before he impales himself and rides it. He takes a hard pounding over the chair and on the floor, before Mitch pulls out and shoots his load. He leaves the new guy laying on the floor to finish himself off.

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Chase Carter and Jordan Jude

29 July, 2012 (22:24) | MixItUpBoy | By: blatino

Jordan’s a lil pissed cause his mom was trippin and kicked him out so then he found out he could make some cash at MixItUpBoy Studios. He didn’t have anyone else to call except for Chase who said he could stay at his crib for a little while. Jordan didn’t want to be a freeloader and figured he might as well put out and earn his keep. He whips out Chase’s huge dick and sucks on it til it gets hard then bends over and gives up his tight white ass for Chase to stuff. Chase goes to down and literally fucks the cum outta Jordan and he shoots his load over his shoulder. Chase finishes up by bustin his nut all over Jordan.

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Alex Flex and DeAngelo Jackson

28 July, 2012 (22:15) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

DeAngelo working on some notes for the next ThugBoy Movie, when Alex Flex barges in for his short notice appointment. Alex is in a bad spot and needs for Dr DeAngelo to fix his mind. Alex just can’t stop thinking about sex and it’s ruining his life for some reason. DeAngelo tries to reassure Alex that there ain’t nottin wrong with being addicted to sex, but when Alex mentions he fucks 5 guys in a day he kno wassup. No more talk, DeAngelo whips out his dick to satisfy Alex’s addiction who’s hungry for that big black dick. Both these brothas got some big ass muscles and six packs, yo a real feast for the eyes. DeAngelo eats that ass tongue fuckin Alex deep and preppin him fo some anal destruction. Alex loves that dick pumpin the fuck outta him from behind, shit DeAngeo fucks that’s nut right outta Alex!

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Jeno Hunter and Markell

28 July, 2012 (22:09) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

What do you need to know really, it is what it is, two hot and horny young brothas on a futon read to fuck! Markell back again with his chiseled abs and big fat dick ready to take on any asshole in his way. Jeno Hunter sho ain’t complainin, he feels the need to have his tite cakes filled til he ready to explode. Ain’t nobdoy gettin between these two when they’re making oh so vicious love… Markell knows how to dick a brotha down proper and this flick is all the prove you need.

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Trick and Jay Jay

28 July, 2012 (22:03) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Damn brother Trick at ThugBoy always horny, but it’s all good, cuz boy be fine as fuck so it aint no thang to just call up Jay Jay for a quick booty call. Jay Jay ain’t wasting no time coming over right away, taking off his shirt n shit within a second. Trick be fucking dat G’s face to get his dick nice and hard so he can fuck Jay Jay like he aint fucked before. Gettin all deep n shit into those guts and ballasting dat nut all over tha face.

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Chase Carter and Chris White

27 July, 2012 (21:54) | RawRods | By: blatino

New  Black Twink Chris White from  RawRods is looking for some green and spots Chase on the street. He asks if he’s got any but it’s back at Chase’s crib. Well they go and kick it but Chris doesn’t have enough money. Well ain’t nothing free, so Chase offers up a big fat thug dick to work on. Chris starts slurping on dat shit and befo long he’s on all four with Chase fucking him senseless. He drills that skinny tattooed ass and damn it’s tight. Chris is squirming and beggin for it slow yelling out Chases name but Chase has a nut to get and he doesn’t stop til he empties it all over dat ass..

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Day Day and TygaX – Second Encounter

27 July, 2012 (21:42) | RawRods | By: blatino

TygaX from  RawRods was getting his hustle on doing a photo shoot while his boyfriend Day Day was waiting in the car. Day Day gets real tired of sitting around and comes in to check out whats going on and to his surprise finds out his boy is doing a NUDE photo shoot. Only way Tyga is gonna make up for that shit is by doing what Day Day says. He gets on his knees and starts sucking then gives up his ass to a very mad Day Day who really takes it out on him for sneaking around like that.

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Romeo Storm and Zy Wilson

27 July, 2012 (21:33) | RawRods | By: blatino

Romeo at RawRods is over at Zy’s getting his hair done and he’s the last client of the day. Zy has everything locked up and Romeo has been eyeing his hot ass the entire time. He gets Zy on the couch and starts eating his ass out. Zy starts working on Romeo’s massive dick with his mouth then bends over so Romeo can shove it in deep. Zy takes it like a real champ with his legs spread wide for Romeo to get it. Romeo busts his nut and leaves a very satisfied customer!

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