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Dirty Bareback Fuck with Black African Twinks Martin and Marvin

15 December, 2012 (07:14) | 80Gays | By: blatino

Horny black African twinks from Uganda fucking bareback in this high quality 80Gays feature named ” Big Black Magic Wand “.Martin and Marvin should be in school studying, but have over slept and are still in bed. As they wake up, the feel of each others smooth black skin makes them feel horny. Marvin leans over and kisses his friend. When Marvin sucks Martin’s hard nipples, his cock grows hard, stretching his undies. Martin loves the taste of cock for breakfast and sucks Marvin’s thick black shaft. Marvin is so horny but wants to slow down, and sucks Martin’s dick, while he strokes his dark hole. Martin is eager to taste Marvin’s cock, and kneels on the bed, while Marvin begins to slowly fuck his eager wet mouth, with long slow thrusts of his iron hard black love pole.

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African Bareback Tribal Love with Peter and Brian

9 December, 2012 (12:39) | 80Gays | By: blatino

More hot stuff from 80Gays coming up here, we all  just love African gay bareback sex! Check it out here ;
Peter and Brian are from different tribes, but they find each other very horny, and love to fuck. When they get time to spend alone, there is always hot bareback action. Peter’s friend calls to his house, and they start to French kiss. Hands are all over each others hard black torsos, tugging erect nipples. Brian wants to taste his friend’s big black cock. The youthful twinks strip each other, and suck the massive portion of dick that is in front of them. Can Peter take all of his friend’s hard shaft in his little brown hole?

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Gay Black Slippery Massage and Raw Fuck

9 December, 2012 (12:27) | 80Gays | By: blatino

New couple James and RicHARD at 80Gays 😉 Enjoy their story ;
James wants a job in the local massage parlour, and invites his friend Richard to his apartment to practice. Scented candles are lit, and the bottle of oil is open. Richard lies down, just a towel covering his modesty. James pours oil on Richard’s back and starts to massage. The towel is thrown aside, and James massages his friend’s ass cheeks. The touching makes the twinks feel horny. James uses an oily hand to wank his stiff buddy, but he wants to taste his cock, and sucks his dick. Will he deep throat fuck buddy Richard?Click Here To Visit 80Gays

African Tribal Prince Bareback Fucked by Young Black Male Servant

8 December, 2012 (05:03) | 80Gays | By: blatino

Check out this hot new 80Gays feature! ; Mark might be a tribal Prince that soon has to marry a young girl, but he is still a horny slut who hungers for big black dicks. He calls a secret gay member of the tribe to his home. Collin comes to the house as commanded. He finds the Prince on the bed in his undies. Prince Mark calls him onto the bed. They kiss and caress each others tones ebony bodies. Collin’s cock grows hard inside his undies. Mark releases the shaft and sucks it. The taste of Collin’s cock makes Mark want raw cock action up his anal hole. He covers Collin’s ass with lube ready to bare fuck him with his massive long black cock. Will Collin groan when his hole is stretched wide open?The young servant , Mark. He sure got an amazing long delicious black cock. He must be the Tribe’s holy artifact when it comes to pleasure both the men and the women!

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Hung Gay African Twinks Bareback Ass Fuck

22 November, 2012 (07:09) | 80Gays | By: blatino

Best fuck-friends Max and Marvin featured at 80Gays know each other extremely well, right down to their long black African dicks. The Afriboyz have a special relationship, so when one of them invites the other over he knows what the dirty plan is. The boys start things in the bathroom, lovingly making out and feeling each others African heat as they move in close, the bulges of their thickening black dicks rubbing together. Once naked, both elephant hung African twinks get a taste of the others piece, moving from the shower to the bedroom where the oil comes out and they get slippery and slick for some extra horny action! Who will be the one to take it RAW ? See for yourself below ;

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African Black Twinks Bareback Gay Fuck and Golden Shower

22 November, 2012 (06:53) | 80Gays | By: blatino

This week at 80Gays.  Slutty African twink Chris has invited his fuck buddy Marvin round to his parents apartment for a wild and wet ceremonial piss festival. When Marvin arrives, Chris is drinking beer, filling his bladder. The taste of beer on Chris’ lips makes Marvin horny, and he releases his friend’s hard cock from his undies, kissing and licking the swollen dark shaft. Chris urgently needs to piss, and he golden showers Marvin with steamy urine, rubbing it into his smooth black skin. When he smells the fresh urine, Marvin wants to cover his friend with his own African liquid gold. Chris squats on the floor and opens his mouth to swallow as much of the stinky yellow liquid as he can, before he licks the last drops from Marvin’s huge black cock end. This is just the foreplay, the boys goes on sucking their cock and deep bareback fucking ending in a great African cum fest!

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African Tribal Raw Cock Sucking Trio

17 November, 2012 (03:32) | 80Gays | By: blatino

Jay and Andrew are a pair of horny black African twinks featured at 80Gays, who have invited innocent Rony to their apartment, in the hope that they will get a taste of his cock and ass. When Jay starts to kiss Rony, he enjoys it and sticks his own tongue into Jay’s mouth. Andrew releases Rony big black cock from his undies and sucks the thick shaft. Jay wants to taste Rony’s cock, and sucks it, while Rony’s tongue licks greedily at Andrew’s huge black dick. Jay loves the taste of cock, but he wants his ass filled, and lowers himself onto Rony’s pole, while Andrew sucks the youth’s hard nipples, Rony strokes his throbbing shaft from the balls, to the swollen purple cock end.More great black boys from the African continent in all raw sex from 80gays in this new feature. Fantastic!

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African Twink Raw Fucking Tiny Asian Ass

16 September, 2012 (11:15) | 80Gays | By: blatino

It is time for Thai twink Albert to taste the pleasures of Eric’s XXL  African mantool at 80Gays. The cute but slutty twink has heard a lot about Eric’s African schwanz and is dying to get a better feel for it. Eric preps the lads ass with a good rim session. It makes Albert’s dick throbbing hard, and he is eager to feel the black meat in his ass. Eric does not disappoint, his big fat raw cock slides right in to Albert’s ass.This interracial Black fucking Asian twink bareback action on it’s best!

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Gay African Bareback Passion

26 July, 2012 (18:27) | 80Gays | By: blatino

Mike and Bernard featured at are the only hot gay African twinks in their village. They have been drinking beer and had a refreshing shower. Bernard is turned on by the sight of Mike’s twink torso. He starts to kiss his friend, and his hand goes under Mike’s towel. He starts to stroke the huge black cock that lies under there. Mike is horny and wants to taste Bernard’s cock. He strokes and sucks his friends monster black meat. All the beer makes the lads need to piss, and they take it in turns to cover each other in smelly yellow urine. Mike covers Bernard’s cock with lube, and prepares to lower himself onto it all bareback , see for yourself here :

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Gay Black African Magic

12 June, 2012 (10:29) | 80Gays | By: blatino

Alpha and Chui at 80Gays are a handsome pair of African twinks, who have to keep their feelings secret. There is always black magic between the two youths. They are home alone, and feeling very horny. They strip to their undies. Their massive black cocks stretch the material. Alpha wants to taste his friend’s cock. He sucks the cock end, and strokes it up and down. The pair kiss, and Alpha strokes both their big black cocks. Chui wants to taste dick as well, and the African lads have a sixty nine. What will they do with their magic wands next?Looks to me that they are putting their Black Magic Wands inside each other arses.  Such naughty boys!

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