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Latin Boy Fucks Black Cutie

22 October, 2011 (12:36) | FratBoy, HelixStudios | By: blatino

If you like a little mocha with your java you’ll appreciate this frisky study break fuck with Jayden Hart and Aaron Felix at Aaron sits back and gets his huge cock blown by the talented Mr. Hart who gives as well as he receives. And receives he does, taking Aaron’s fat, hard dick with pleasure.This is fucking great interracial action!

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Latino Aaron and American Twink Alex’s Bang

5 September, 2011 (15:45) | FratBoy, HelixStudios | By: blatino

Cute nice young boy full of face cream, semen proudly fresh squirted by Latin boy Aaron from Aaron and Alex’s animal attraction is obvious in this bangin Fratboyscene. Young Alex gets welcomed with a huge brown uncut cock that’s almost as big as the freshman hotties’ head. Blowing Aaron’s monster cock gets him incredibly heated and horned, that he can’t help but stroke himself. Aaron yank’s off his jeans and toys with his boy hole, before plunging his hooded dick right between the young Fratboy’s smooth white  butt cheeks. Alex gets tossed around like a puppet until Aaron is ready to spay a hot load that completely covers Alex’s adorable face.

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White Bisexual Boy Fucks Gay Latino Twink

23 August, 2011 (17:27) | FratBoy, HelixStudios | By: blatino

Very nice action here with bisexual twink fucking Latino gay slut, all from famous / skater boys are so laid back and horny, they’ll get down with anyone, boy or girl. Tony just happened to be at the right place and time to get a “rise” out of this bi Fratboy. Noah and Tony end up thronching shirtless in the dorm room. Brooks starts kissing his way downward, stimulating Tony’s nipples with his tongue. Then he finds his way to Newport’s hard cock and sucks better than any other Fratboy. Its then Tony’s turn to milk precum out of Noah’s fat dick, getting the bi boy hot and ready to fuck. Tony squats over Noah’s cock and holds stationary as Brooks pumps his boy hole fast and hard. Not to be missed are the boys’ messy jizz shots, and lets just say Tony is one sticky cum covered latin boy.

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Jayden Hart Pulls A Black One Out

20 August, 2011 (07:44) | FratBoy, HelixStudios | By: blatino

Jayden has a nice V-shaped body, that is from sure. Here is up for a hot solo / Hart has had his share of hot scenes with his Fratboy peers, so he got plenty of material to work with while he jerks off. Get to know this adorable trainer/ martial arts instructor a little better and watch him pleasure himself and work his way up to a thick and creamy load.

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Black Twink Fucked by Skaterboy Tony

15 August, 2011 (16:07) | FratBoy, HelixStudios | By: blatino

This is a good interracial duo scene here from / with two hot College Guys.If you’re into steamy, lively sex scenes then this ones for you. Jayden Hart pounces on skater boy Tony Newport like an animal on his prey. Tony is all too willing to be eaten up, but he also gets a taste of flesh. He slurps up Jayden’s big cock until its nice and juicy. Harts hungry bottom teases Tony’s fat dick before tony gets to jam it right in. Jayden takes a wild ride on Tony’s lap. His plush bubble butt steals the show as he hops up and down. Jayden shoots a gallon of cum all over himself…a mess for his skater boy-toy to lick right up.

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Sporty Lusty Interracial Threeway

7 August, 2011 (13:36) | FratBoy, HelixStudios | By: blatino

Very nice and horny interracial thresome here from / pumped up Fratboy jocks from  get wild in the frathouse between classes. Kevin Kandy, Casper Summers and Jayden Hart and bring the intense sexual energy to this scene, biting, tossing each other’s bodies, and even using a belt as a leash. Hard dicks are flying from mouth to mouth, then Kevin sticks his “a-rod” into Jayden’s wanting hole and rough fucks the young stud. Casper seems to get the brunt of the abuse, though, his body raw with scratch and spank marks, then Kandy pummels Summer’s muscular bubble butt with reckless abandon. Kandy awards each of his bottom boys with their faces full of cum, and believe me there was enough thick jizz for two.

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Max Pounds Latino Twink Keine Sorgen

6 August, 2011 (09:54) | FratBoy, HelixStudios | By: blatino

Keine Sorgen from / is one fine Latin bitch! Here topped by blond hot bod Max.Keine Sorgen didn’t get enough of Max Carter slim muscular boddy and big cock the first time around during his live show at , so he interrupts the ripped blonde’s workout with intent to get fucked. The muscle stud is more than pleased with his visitor and happily loses his shorts for a good blow job. Horny Sorgen licks and sucks Carter’s rod like a boy with his sweetest lolly, and gets him ‘pumped up’ for smooth brown twink Latino ass.

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Black and White with Patrick and Jayden

30 June, 2011 (05:20) | FratBoy | By: blatino

Jayden Hart and Patrick Kennedy from / in a hot interracial fuck session.Fratboys Patrick Kennedy and Jayden Hart practice their gymnastics in the park then take it home for a little private practice. Preppy boy, Patrick can’t wait to get his lips around Harts fat black cock. He jacks himself into a frenzy while slurping up some dick thinking about how he’s gonna take over Jaydens bubble ass. Patrick’s enormous member invades Hart’s hole while he lies face down on the bed. The real hard pounding begins when Jayden squats down on Patrick’s bone and and gets drilled from under his seat. All of this leading up to one of the biggest and creamiest cum shots in Fratboy history.

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