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Chubby Latinos Bareback Fucking

29 December, 2012 (12:14) | JorgesGang | By: blatino

More harcore bareback gangster fucking featured at JorgesGang.  This time a bit to chubby for my taste.  But the action is FUCKING great! 🙂 See Puchi crazy pounded by Rick.

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And here is what Jorge from JorgesGang got to say about them ; Many of you have said that Rick does not have what it takes to stay in JorgesGang. Well, he is only the second person who could take Puchi’s PorterHouse Beef all the way down the hatch. I have to hand it to Rick for making it thru the shoot. As you can see he asked Puchi to stop because he could not take it anymore, but Puchi was in his final stages of pleasure and rode that hole to compleation.. When you take a look deep inside of Rick, you will see what a impression Puchi’s Meat left.And some authentic JorgesGang‘s news about some of their models ;

New Update On the Twin’s Jacob And Elizer. Update On the Twin’s Jacob And Elizer. 12/28/2012, I have to wait until i see them in person to believe what Chino told me. But it look’s like The Twin’s escaped Prison by not having anybody show up to testify against them , and the motercycle was burned to a crisp so no finger print’s could be taken. Chino, who works at the Car wash with Jacob said they were at home for Christmas and only spent 2 day’s in Jail. If this is true , the next time they need some quick cash , i hope they stop by and share some of that Twin Twink Ass.

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Puchi Get Big Thick Blatino Gangsta Cock Raw Up His Ass

20 December, 2012 (15:06) | JorgesGang | By: blatino

Puchi is back again at JorgesGang,  here is meet up with Alonso and get to taste his big cock. Poor Puchi can barely get it in his mouth,  but his hole is a bit more stretchy! Will his gaping anal cunt ever close up again after this ass widening session ?  Let’s hope not! 🙂

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And here is what Jorge from JorgesGang got to say about the issue ; Puchi Returns for Second’s With Alonso as The Meal … Alonso Thought I was Joking about the size of his Porterhouse beef. Talk about wanting to change his mind when he saw the meat,Wow. Both guy’s have wife and Family but know that work is work, and if it pay’s well,then do it. Puchi really gave Alonso’s Little Hole a Roasting it will never forget. At the end Alonso tell’s us that he would love to have a piece that big and thick for his wife, as most men would, but not in his hole.And some authentic JorgesGang‘s news about some of their models ;
Update On the Twin’s Jacob And Elizer. Seem’s like the Twin’s Jacob and Eliezer , Have bitten off more than they could chew. Both are facing 4 to 5 different counts of Robbery, and Intimidation with a Machete for taking a Motorcycle that was not owned by them. They both made the local new stations and Local papers. They were paraded side by side with no shirts on ,so people could see they had different tattoos and were not the same person. Now, i know for a fact that Eliezer cant keep his hand’s off of other people things , as he has stolen bars of soap from our apartment and claimed they were his, even though we catch him red handed. But, this is really stupid this close to Christmas . They were suppose to come by and do a Trio shoot for my New Year special, but it looks like they may be away for the next 10 years, give or take. That’s really fucked up on their part if they did do this, but i hope its not true.

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Latino Jailbird Puchi Cum Fucked by Big Dylan

13 December, 2012 (05:42) | JorgesGang | By: blatino

New update with Puchi and Dylan here from JorgesGang.  This is hot and Puchi is a sexy bottom, he takes it with a grin on his face.  But he is brave and let Dylan cum inside him after fucking him in several positions and showing off his gaping anal hole!

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And here is what Jorge from JorgesGang got to say about the case ; The One and Only Puchi has returned to JorgesGang after 2  year of living his life his way ,on his terms and spending 2 of those years in Prison. He kept his word and came to work with me once again ,with no conditions.
He really proves his worth in this duo with Dylan. Thru All The sweat that runs down both of their bodies, He proves that he was the original big meat Member that keep’s on serving Meat, even after The Rump has been Roasted.
JorgesGang Proudly Present Dylan and Puchi In “The Man with 2 hands of Meat, Puchi” .

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Slim Blatino Boy Jordan Fucked Raw and Wide by Dylan

6 December, 2012 (11:31) | JorgesGang | By: blatino

Jordan is back and to be fucked bareback by Dylan in this raw new update from JorgesGang. Here is Jorges true story ;
Dylan Vengeance Rump Roast Jordan, and Cook’s his Cakes. Dylan had been waiting for over 2 month’s to have the chance to Rump Roast Jordan. The last time these two met it was not on the best terms. Dylan now is a happy young man who can look Jordan in the eye and say “I Fucked Your Ass  oo”,which seem’s to be important for all the young Macho men to be able to say. The biggest problem was that Dylan wanted to Roast Jordan all day and use as little lube as possible, and blame Jordan every time we had to start over. Jordan just about walked out of the shoot because he insisted “Dylan Is Fucking Me Harder and Longer Than i Did Him”.WOW! I got a thing for slim blatino twinks getting fucked, and seeing Jordan here getting fucked bareback, and how his partner makes Jordan’s ass gape wide made me cum two times during this 7 minute preview clip!

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Straight Blatino Twinks Bryan and Daniel Suck Cock

30 November, 2012 (00:01) | JorgesGang | By: blatino

Here is straight blatino twinks from JorgesGang up for some sucking and cumming action.  This is Bryan and Daniel!  Nice asses!

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Walter The Silent Bottom Blatino Bitch

26 November, 2012 (12:00) | JorgesGang | By: blatino

Silence can Be a really beautiful thing when seeing suck a cute twink as Walter featured at JorgesGang get fucked RAW and just taking it. His ass get also stuffed by a pretty thick butt-plug and a few fingers.  Later in this video there is also a third guy showing up, so it is ending in an awesome threesome.  Poor Walter’s ass in the end is fucking gaping wide open and then he fresh sperm all over his face!

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Oh…  and … One Of The Beautiful New Straight Guy’s who has Joined JorgesGang from Carlos and Alonso’s Barrio. Introducing Julio ;
Straight Latino Twink Julio from JorgesGang

Rick Bring’s is Cake for Dylan To Bake and Taste

15 November, 2012 (07:12) | JorgesGang | By: blatino

More hardcore Latino bareback sex from JorgesGang this week, and we love it.  Here is Jorges story ;
Dylan always ask me “who is that guy in the Photo’s i see, but never have met”? I told him it was Rick. I also informed him that Rick and I don’t work well together and I had not seen him in a while. I informed Dylan that Rick like’s to make it hard for a Person to get in his Cake ass. Dylan assured me that he was the one to Roast and Bake That Rump & Cake. Well talk is cheap, but Dylan proved he was up for the challenge and almost made Rick break down and leave because the shoot took 2 hours and Dylan stayed hard inside Rick and did not want to use much lube. This was almost the perfect day until Dylan decided he was the director. Oh Hell…

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First Fuck with Jacob at JorgesGang

15 November, 2012 (07:01) | JorgesGang | By: blatino

Many have written JorgesGang  and asked if  they have footage of Jacob Giving up this Rump the 1st time…  Well of course they do, but it was not meant to be an update because it is more of a take out section clip, that JorgesGang shot in Black & White. The big Boss was surprised to see Jacob come over and want to expand his role in JorgesGang. He taught him all he  could to get him ready for the shoot, but he can’t take the credit for the way he was moving below him on his stomach and backing that rump up on his raw meat doggy style. We can’t wait until he returns, and hopefully he will return with his twin Elizer AKA Flacko Explosivo.Look out for Jacob’s wide gaping hole letting out some air 😉

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Dylan Learning Franklin How To Bottom Raw

12 November, 2012 (15:07) | JorgesGang | By: blatino

Franklin is still in the learning Position, and Dylan want’s to Teach him in this new feature at JorgesGang. Franklin is still getting use to being a bottom. He is a macho man in his barrio, but when JorgesGang need him to top someone off , he just cant get it going. Dylan prefers to be a top at all times ,but will do what ever it takes to put on a great show and by the look of his gaping ass full of cum it must be a job well done!

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Smooth Boy Cristian Solo Wank for JorgesGang

10 November, 2012 (14:08) | JorgesGang | By: blatino

Cristian here doing a hot solo for JorgesGang in this hot new update. Still it might seems like his ass will be ready for action soon, because someone can not keep their hands away from  it during the movie 😉

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