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Tasty Black Raw Ass Licking at RawRods

2 January, 2013 (08:44) | RawRods | By: blatino

Mr Phat Lipps featured at RawRods is at Dr Kemancheo’s office today seeking some help with his sex addiction. He just can’t stop fucking and it’s all he thinks about. Dr Kemancheo decides to use some hypno-therapy on Mr Phat Lipps to do as he pleases. Kemancheo thinks Mr Phat Lipps is too damn sexy to fix his problem tho, and while he’s under that spell he strips him down and starts sucking on his big fuckin dick and eating his ass. Mr Phat Lipps addiction is so bad once he gets all horny he just has to have some raw dick deep up his hole. Kemancheo lays that pipe into him until he’s moaning in ecstasy. Then they swap positions and Kemancheo takes Mr Phat Lipps big pipe too. You can really feel the chemistry between these two and they both bust their shit all over Kemancheo, licking it up and kissing. After the hypnosis wears off tho, Mr Phat Lipps doesn’t remember a thing and is so pissed Kemancheo took advantage of his addiction that he gets up and leaves without even payin.

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Hotrod Fucking Long Haired Gay Black Bitch Rica Zaiciah

22 December, 2012 (12:46) | RawRods | By: blatino

This new black bitch named Rica Zaiciah over at RawRods is a quite fascinating guy. Must be the long hair, but I kind of like it 🙂 Also love that he squirts Hotrod’s fresh cum out of his ass. Such a true black gay slut!Hotrod featured at RawRods  hitting up Rica outside the hardware store asking him for some help with his roof, but when he gets up on that shit Hotrod pulls his pants down and starts twirling his tongue around that juicy lil piece. Not wanting to fuck on the roof and make a scene for the neighbors they head on into the bedroom to get their fuck on. Hotrod’s dick on hard and ready to dominate Rica for the next hour. The two fuck non stop til Hotrod lands a big ass nut right all over Rica’s lil fuck hole, shit’s just juicy as hell and dripping all over the place!

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Raw Black Dick Fucking with Kemancheo and Mr. Phat Lipps

17 December, 2012 (01:08) | RawRods | By: blatino

Mr Phat Lipps is chillin on vacay checking out the graffiti art in RawRods Studios when he stumbles into Kemancheo on the street. When he catches Phat checking him out, Kemancheo tells him he happens to be an artist himself. They go back to Phat’s hotel and waste no time dropping trou and making out. Kemancheo gets his tongue deep up Phat’s tight ass while they 69. Once Phat gets Kemancheos big pipe all warm and wet you know he’s gotta get it balls deep up his ass. Kemancheo digs that ass real deep and you can tell Phat is in heaven by the way he’s moaning. Kemancheo even gets a little freaky and sucks on Phat’s toes and feet. You won’t believe the amount of nut that comes out of these two… it’s a real fucking masterpiece.

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Black Gay Doctor Day Day and Naiim Sadeeq

17 December, 2012 (00:01) | RawRods | By: blatino

How about a visit to the gay black doctor at RawRods, he sure gives Naiim a good rectal examination with his tongue before he fuck him raw and fingers his ass with his fresh cum!Naiim Sadeeq is in for a prostate exam with Dr. Day Day to make sure everything is good after some rough fucking the night before. When it comes to ass Day Day happens to be an expert in the field, so he gets right to work checking out Naiim’s nice booty. When everything seems fine after a visual examination, Day Day wants to probe it further once he gets a good taste. He pulls out his big pipe and opens up that hole, shoving his big dick deep to feel it out. Naiim can’t do anything but scream in pleasure once Dr. Day Day starts hitting that spot. Naiim gets pounded and worked from all angles until Day Day just can’t hold it any longer. He busts a huge warm nut all over that hole and shoves it in to make that ass feel better. It’s just what the doctor ordered.

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Lamar Love and Meko Mills Bareback In Class

3 December, 2012 (09:17) | RawRods | By: blatino

Lamar and Meko are left alone in detention at Raw Rods Summer School with the teacher nowhere in sight. With nothing to do Lamar figures he and Meko should kick it and Meko is definitely game. They drop trou and Meko gets on his knees to get Lamar’s big dick real hard. Lamar bends Meko over and tastes his tight hole, spreading his cheeks and burying his face in it. In no time they’re taking turns plowing each other, digging in balls deep and fucking rough and bare. Lamar unleashes a big load in Meko’s hungry mouth and Meko swallows that nut down like he’s starving. Meko finishes by shooting a huge load all over Lamars lips then leans down and licks it up while they kiss. 

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Raw Black Ass Fucking with Noah Shyboy Jackson and TJ

26 November, 2012 (11:50) | RawRods | By: blatino

Noah and TJ meeting up and totally getting into each other in no time at Raw Rods Summer School. Noah wants that fine piece of ass, so he lets a brother know was-sup and TJ digging it. Noah eats that ass for breakfast before he whips out his mega dick and stuffs it into that juicy fuck hole all au natural. He is fucking TJ real good, making him squirm under his dick’s destructive power and when he’s ready to nut he plants a big one all over TJ’s face!

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Gabriel Grant Raw Fuck Steffan Dream

25 November, 2012 (10:18) | RawRods | By: blatino

Steffan and Gabe are stuck in  Raw Rods Summer School together without a teach no less. Nothing better than fucking when that’s the situation and Gabe takes the opportunity to shove his big dick down Steffan’s throat. When he’s ready to fuck the condom won’t fit so you know what that means. Steffan takes that raw pipe and it’s so fat he can’t help but moan and scream on the thing. Gabe really drills this boy deep and hard right down to his balls and you can’t help but wonder if Steffan’s new favorite subject is taking big dick raw. He gets so worked up taking that shit that he finishes by busting a massive load of warm nut all over Gabriel’s chest just in time for them to clean up before the teacher gets back.

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Day Day + Lamar Love + Meko Mills all Bareback

13 November, 2012 (18:17) | RawRods | By: blatino

Meko and Lamar are stuck in detention and it’s Mr. Day Day in charge again at RawRods! They start mouthing off and Day Day steps in to tell them that they need to be taught a lesson. When they ask what kind of lesson he pulls his huge dick out and tells them it’s how to suck and take it. Day Day bends both of them over, eats out their asses, and takes turns plowing them deep, hard and raw. These boys are horny and ready to fuck and they’re taking it up the ass while sucking on another dick nonstop. They lay Meko down on Day Day’s desk, unload a crazy amount of cum all over him and cover his face. Lamar leans down and licks some of that nut up while making out with Meko and Meko busts all over himself too right in time for detention to be over for the day.

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Artiste Styles and Brandon Long + Derrick Davis

31 October, 2012 (16:14) | RawRods | By: blatino

Artiste and Derrick at RawRods  were chilling in the park trying to figure out what they were gonna do for the night when a fine ass brother named Brandon walks by and hollas at them. Brandon asks if they wanna come to his crib and have some drinks so they go and kick it. Why not? Doesn’t take long before all their clothes are coming off and shit gets freaky. Brandon is sucking on Derrick’s monster dick, Artiste climbing on Brandon and riding him deep and hard. No need to go out when you can just fuck all night, right? Derrick and Brandon finish by giving Artiste a huge facial. You won’t even believe how much nut is in those two!

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Antonio Alvarez and Avery Alexander Cum Fuck

31 October, 2012 (16:13) | RawRods | By: blatino

Antonio and Avery RawRods are chilling in the locker room after a game of basketball and nothing makes these two hornier. Antonio eyes Avery’s round cheeks in a jockstrap and can’t control himself. He gets his dick out and they take turns blowing each other before Avery gets bent over and rimmed and finger fucked. You can tell that ass is wet cause he is moaning like he is in heat! Antonio takes full advantage and mounts Avery on all fours drilling him balls deep until he’s calling him papi. You won’t believe the amount of cum Antonio has saved up and ready to blow. He unleashes it all over Avery’s tight hole and makes sure to shove it in one last time before they shit the showers.

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