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Blatino Twink Fucked By the Cameraman

20 December, 2012 (00:01) | SDBoy | By: blatino

Young Latino Joey’s here to do a raw  solo with the Cameraman at SDBoy aka San Diego Boy.

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Here is their story ;  . He is 22 and an outdoorsman, including “sports” with both guys and girls. His first experience with a guy happened when only two years ago and “was a blur” he says. Joey is versatile and “likes to stay active.” For, this is Joey, who is “Fucked by the Cameraman.” Joey has a very tight, very hot body and works on it at least five days a week; dedication does pay off. He moves to the bed and slides off his underwear to “reveal himself.” He says he’s “open minded” and I’m glad; a succulent cock like his should not be wasted. As Joey works himself up, I pan up and down his sexy body; a nice close-up of his cock arouses me. When I ask what arouses him, he lists his: neck, lower stomach, groin and inner thighs. He then pulls apart his cheeks to show a very nice hole; sweet enough to suck and fun enough to fuck I think. He turns around and asks for lube; he greases up his hole and fingers himself. Swirling his fingers around that treasure, I can’t help but give him a hand; I start with a finger and feel my way from there. Joey says it, “feels really good,” I agree, he does have an inviting hole. “You’re tight,” I comment; Joey replies, “happens when you work out a lot.” As I finger deeper, I pan to his side with the camera; Joey is on all fours and his body is insanely gorgeous; he asks if, “I want to take it a little further?” I jump at the chance; “you gonna fuck me?” he inquires. Without another word, Joey spins around, undoes my pants, releasing my hard dick, and turns around to ride back on me. As Joey begins to pull himself on and off my dick, I tell him, “you’re in control.” Working together, we slide back and forth. I film and fuck, while Joey watches some of the porn and pants. Soon we are both breathing heavy as I thrust into him. Turning him over on his back, I go inside again; Joey smiles. As I go “balls deep,” Joey moans that he, “likes me in there.” He then begins to tug at himself while I continue to ebb and flow. I’m getting close I tell Joey and then pull out to shoot my load on his hole and balls. ‘It’s your turn,’ I then tell him; Joey strokes for a bit then sends streams of jizz chin to chest, a bit also pools up on his groin. Joey is indeed a guy that is fit enough to fuck. !

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Super Latino Clark Kent Barebacked by Texas Holcum

10 December, 2012 (05:40) | SDBoy | By: blatino

The two hot Latino twinks featured at at SDBoy aka San Diego Boy , contiunes there obscene action. Texas fuck his buddy with no condom, and Clark just love it! Here is SDBoy‘s story ;
Like a duck to water, Clark swallows all of Texas, anally. Bouncing up and down, Clark moans and gasps. As the camera pans to the front, we can enjoy both of their stiff dicks. Texas now pounds from below and is given a kiss and a “ah fuck” from Clark; Texas does hit the spot. Grabbing Clark’s face and bringing it down, the two watch one another as they fuck, intensely. The close up of Cark cowboying is hot; not only for us, but for Texas Jr. has “Texas and Clark part #2.” Riding “the range” has a “hole” new meaning; giddy up. As they change positions to doggie style, Clark says, “put it all the fucking way.” Accommodating his partner, Texas goes balls deep and soon both of them moan with each thrust. Watching Texas’ backside hump Clark is so sexy; I agree with Clark, who moans, “oh baby.” Switching to a missionary position, Clark begins to tug as Texas takes full advantage of the situation; they kiss, passionately. Damn, Texas has got some moves, bringing Clark to the edge, then changing up the pace. Texas’ balls tighten as he pumps in and out of “Superman.” “You like that, hu, dirty boy?” Clark moans as his partner pumps and penetrates, deeply. The two then lie back to masturbate; “shoot that fuckin’ load in my mouth, baby” whines Clark. Sweet cream squirts from Texas and is quickly gobbled up my Clark; “fuck yeah” moans Texas. Clark needs a bit more cock to blow his load and Texas is happy to oblige, shoving his meat into Clark’s mouth, while he jerks. The two share their loads and kiss, satisfied that “Texas is the place to be.” Download the Full Video at

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San Diego Twinks Clark Kent & Texas Holcum all Raw

5 December, 2012 (11:16) | SDBoy | By: blatino

New hot update from at SDBoy aka San Diego Boy, and here is their naughty story;  Texas Holcum, 21, lives in San Diego and enjoys the area; and all the things that the boys “offer” here. He sometimes dances at go-go clubs and is always ready to pleasure boys with “Texas Jr.” Anyway, we’re waiting on Clark Kent to arrive so I can film these two; Clark never seems to be on time. He must be off saving the world or at least a boy or two. SDBoy presents Texas and Clark; a “big boy” and an “insatiable hole.” Clark shows up and immediately the attraction is evident. As they start to kiss, Clark’s hand finds its way down to a surprise, “oh, what’s this?” Clark coyly asks. Texas responds by saying, “that’s Texas Jr.” I don’t know if Clark has ever been to Texas, but he’s about to. Eager for the ride, Clark tells Texas just to, “relax,” all the while unzipping Texas’ shorts. Both boys, in their underwear, settle back for some deep kissing; “you can grab my ass if you like” comments Clark. Within a few minutes, Clark lets “Texas Jr.” out of the stall. It is so hot watching Texas’ cock rising up and up. Clark immediately devours what he can; both of them start to moan.Clark then offers his dick, “why don’t you go down and taste it.” Texas works Clark’s dick and balls, and then moves to his hole. “Ah fuck,” moans Clark as he grabs the back of the couch and hold on. Texas enjoys a bit more of Clark’s tasty cavity before Clark goes oral again on Texas. As Texas stands, Clark manages to swallow all of his partner, this has Texas very aroused and he reciprocates with a nice face fuck. “That’s a big dick, baby,” moans Clark. He takes a few more “deep throats” then Clark hops on for a true “rodeo ride.” The moment Clark has Texas up him, both gasp and moan; Texas’ balls “jump” from the pleasure. “I love that cock,” whines Clark. Shooting close up, these two are so into each other, they just keep fucking, and knocking me as I film. Clark pulls off for a lick and then goes on all fours on a table. As Texas pounds away, Clark keeps commenting on how he “loves that dick.” The pair watch one another as Texas pumps Clark’s hole. From below, all you see are Texas’ low hangers, bouncing up with each thrust. “You like that fucking ass?” Clark asks, Texas responds, “yeah.” Clark reaches back to grab Texas’ cock as it thrusts in and out; both are hot and heavy when Clark notices the “tenting” of the cameraman; “Mr. Cameraman, you’re liking that, huh?” Clark then puts his full attention back onto Texas, as he lays his head down and pushes up his ass for more riding. Now I could make a joke or two about, “Texas cumming into the union,” “butt” I won’t. You just have to return to see if Clark Kent can use his anal powers of persuasion to get Texas Jr. “neck roped.” Ya’ll cum again.

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Jake & Vincent Part 1 at San Diego Boy

4 October, 2012 (05:01) | SDBoy | By: blatino

With Jake’s hoe at SDBoy aka San Diego Boy  cheating on him, he turns to his friend, Vincent, for help. Vincent suggests that there’s nothing better to forget your troubles than to “take one up the ass.” For, here’s “Jake and Vincent: A Blessing and A Curse, part #1.” Jake works Vincent up and fast as he sucks on his, “horse cock.” I zoom in to Jake’s oral skills; I agree, that is a nice, thick cock. I’m sure that will help push Jake’s girlfriend’s memory out of Jake. As Vincent goes up on his knees, Jake is face fucked and devours him. “You know you don’t have to lick my balls,” says Vincent, but being thorough, Jake responds, “yes, I do.” As Jake continues to orally arouse Vincent, he tells Jake to, “suck that big ole’ fat cock,” Jake obliges. And when Jake plays with Vincent’s balls while blowing him, he moans even more. Vincent watches Jake’s work and comes closer. Then, Vincent says, “I’m about to cum,” and does; dollops of jizz land onto Vincent’s groin and stomach. Jakes continues to play with Vincent’s cock, smart boy. Wait until part 2 “cums” out; these two share more of Vincent’s “blessing and a curse.” Download the Full Video at

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Stranded on Bareback Island – Bruno, Junioir & Thiago

27 March, 2012 (17:54) | SDBoy | By: blatino

I want to be stranded on this island too, just follow the moaning and you will find these guys 😉 This is great from SDBoy aka San Diego Boy.These three horny buddies are ready for action. Licking, kissing and rimming leads to a round robin of hardcore man sex bareback fucking. These guys have horse hung cocks that slide deep inside each other’s thigh holes. After the cumfest, off to play in the ocean waves to wash off the creamy goo.

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Bareback Cum Cousins 4 Starring Dany & Angelo

27 September, 2011 (08:39) | SDBoy | By: blatino

Dany and Angelo is up for awesome bareback action, this is just getting better and better from SDBoy aka San Diego Boy. See their free gallery here and download full movie. I love this couple!Angelo at SDBoy  feeds smooth shaved Dany his cock and eagerly starts to suck on it. Dany prepares his ass inviting Angelo in and gets fucked in several positions, then covers himself in his own cum as Angelo pulls out his bare cock and shoots his juice all over Dany’s stomach creating a cum juice cocktail.

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Latin Bareback Cum Cousins 3

16 September, 2011 (13:42) | SDBoy | By: blatino

Once again we can see the guys over at SDBoy aka San Diego Boy is one big fuckin family. This is the third cousins bareback fuck from SDBoy. But we like it 😉 Cousins or not, this it HOT!The cousin action continues this week at SDBoy. Ignacio the cable guy is having challenges repairing the light fixture. A cute boy seducing him while trying to work then interrupts him. In no time, does the kissing, groping and tantalizing begin. Ignacio knows exactly what he wants. He undresses Santy, works on getting his cock hard and goes for the plunge. Fucking bareback with moans of pleasure as he is being stroked. They both eventually jack off into each other’s mouth, getting a mouthful of cum.

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Latin Bareback Cum Cousins 2

3 September, 2011 (13:37) | SDBoy | By: blatino

Seems like everyone over at SDBoy aka San Diego Boy is one big fuckin family. This is the second cousins bareback fuck from SDBoys. But we like it 😉 Cousins or not, this it HOT!More hot raw fucking action comes your way from SDBoy. Nicolas and Charlie are two cute little fucks. After Nicolas gives Charlie’s smooth ass a finger workout, Nicolas bends Charlie over and slips his bare cock in him and gets things rocking! Charlie gets fucked from behind, then sits on it and takes it for a long pony ride. Eventually they switch fucking, Nicolas is taking it from behind. They both finish kissing as they bath each other with their loads of cum and licking it off each other. Download the complete San Diego boy video library at

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Latino Bareback Fucking Cum Cousins

30 August, 2011 (16:43) | SDBoy | By: blatino

Cousins or not, this it HOT from SDBoy aka San Diego Boy.Now this is hot; cousins fucking bareback. The latest video from San Diego boy  starts with Jean Paul sitting on the couch stroking his hard Latin cock while Bryan spies on him. They soon join together starting off with moist kissing and foreplay, not long before they begin to fuck. These two Latin beauties fuck hard bareback until Bryan pulls out his “dirty” cock and shoots his load on Jean Paul’s face. Download the complete San Diego boy video library at

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Barebutt Gym Buds at SDBoys

30 July, 2011 (10:03) | SDBoy | By: blatino

Here is a horny couple from SDBoy. And thse Latino bitches know how to fuck, barebutt 😉SDBoy is making the summer even hotter with the latest release Bare Butt Gym Buds. In this hot video Gilson finishes his work out, hits the showers, and meets Pablo in the locker room where he asks him for a rub down. Passionate kissing, licking and sucking follow as these to guy’s thick cocks come alive! Pablo works his tongue on Gilson’s tight hole, prepping it to take his bare cock. All around the locker room the fucking continues.

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