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Latino Twink Adrian Vega from Squirtz

24 October, 2012 (15:44) | Squirtz | By: blatino

Adrian Vega at on Squirtz  is a flight attendant and got into the business for the excitement of travel and meeting new people. His swarthy good looks and deep, dark eyes have such an intensity that when you look at him you just know that this tall Latino boy must be a smoking’ hot lover. When he looks into your eyes he seems to have vampire-like powers to “glam” you into doing anything he wants you to do. But the truth is, Adrian’s fantasies run toward being the one who is helpless under the power of others, especially if it’s sexy muscle men. Adrian really likes to be the bottom but with a cock like his, you can imagine that his dates often request that he be the top.

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Latino Twink Dgianni on Squirtz

6 August, 2012 (00:47) | Squirtz | By: blatino

Hot Latino twink Dgianni is up at Squirtz. He seems a bit naive and is so fucking cute 🙂 Coming from a privileged background, Dgianni has always gone to private schools and has never had a real job before. But now that high school is over he doesn’t want to get a job, he just wants to party and he makes no apologies for this. When he goes to bars his intention is to dance and drink and not pick up guys. But frequently his resolve is tested when a hot guy wants to fuck. Dgianni admits he’s had sex in the washrooms of bars, restaurants and even airplanes. Dgianni was a gymnast in high school so he can get into all kinds crazy positions.Dgianni is a gaper, look at it hole. It opens up just by bending over, nice!

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Diego Diamond Show his Big Latino Cock at Squirtz

30 June, 2012 (20:53) | Squirtz | By: blatino

The one thing we all think of when we hear the name Diego Diamond is that big brown, nine inch cock of his. Squirtz Studios were impressed by it in his first Squirtz video two years ago and then they saw him almost rip Bobby Long in half with it in his first duo. Now Diego is back looking better than ever and that cock is still big. But at least now Diego knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a dick. After years of being strictly top, Diego admits that he has tried bottoming with his ex-boyfriend. And guess how he liked it?

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Canadian Latino Calderone Squirts at

28 June, 2012 (20:32) | Squirtz | By: blatino

Young Latino Calderone came looking for a little bit of sexual adventure at Squirtz Studios in Canada . That’s not to say he hasn’t already had plenty of sexual adventure of his own. Even at his tender age, Calderone seems to just love finding exciting situations in which to explore his  hunger for sex. He’s not content to sit back and let it come to him, he gets out there and finds the action. And why not. He’s young, thin, brown, cute and has a big cock. But in spite of a very impressive cock, Calderone really likes to bottom all raw. Sure he can top if he has to, but as he tell us in this interview he finds it a bit boring.

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