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Tony Bucks The Super Hung Latino Twink

3 January, 2013 (08:49) | StraightRentBoys | By: blatino

Check out this hot story with this super hun Blatino guy featured at StraightRentBoys   ;;;   Well, look who “friended” me on Facebook, Tony Bucks. This 22 year old bisexual guy is looking for my help to find him a boy that can “take it.” Now, a lot of times I do get guys wanting to be models claiming a “big package,” but most cannot deliver. So when Tony gets on the futon, I ask him to show me “the goods,” to see if he is really that big. As he pulls down his pants, he says he is cut and thinks he’s 9″ or 10″; as his underwear go down, out comes this cock that is beyond impressive. Straight Rent Boys has for you Tony, a cock that could tame the biggest bottom; by the way, if you want to rent this “behemoth,” just let me know. I ask Tony to go ahead and get himself hard, and then I just let his “cock” do all the talking. Okay, he’s big, big enough that he gets hard by rolling it on his thigh. I do comment, “that thing looks like an anaconda,” but I’m sure he’s heard that before. Tony just keeps tugging and stretching it, larger and larger. It takes a while just for him to get hard; shit, getting up must make him light-headed. Soon, Tony is in his happy place and focus in on his “donkey kong.” Licking his lips and nipples rising, he is working his member with both hands, and still has room on his shaft for another. As Tony works the head, and I film from the side, I’d swear that was an “imperial storm trooper” atop his shaft; this boy’s package has got enough length and girth to impale most bottoms. Getting closer, I film from over his shoulder; I wonder if he will shoot this far back? Willing to “take the risk,” I keep the camera where it is and let Tony finish what he started. As he does blow, his thick cream oozes down that “mountain” like Mt. Vesuvius; “nice cum shot” I comment. Tony definitely has more than what it takes and he’s hoping to share his “serpent” with you. Now, do you have what it takes? Only endless power bottoms need apply. Download this video and more here!

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Black Skinhead Fucking USA Gay Redneck Twink

14 December, 2012 (00:01) | StraightRentBoys | By: blatino

Check out this salt and pepper couple featured at StraightRentBoys. Not exactly my cup of tea, but the black dude is ok 🙂 Here is StraightRentBoys‘s story and it is a fucking long one ;
Eddie and I have filmed a lot of guys. We see men on the futon that are here because of money, adventure and just simple curiosity. Today we film Michael Hicks, a 24 year old married guy that said he wants to “rent” another guy in order to satisfy “something I’ve always thought about.” He has jerked off a couple of guys before and says “it didn’t gross me out.” Tony Williams is going to serve as the “recipient” of Michael’s man on man sexual interest. Tony is down with that, “as long as I’m getting paid, I don’t care” he says. These two take a long time to film, but I think by the end you will see that more than money or even interest is filled here; sometimes, it’s as simple and sweet, as black and white. Our first interracial scene for Straight Rent Boys is Michael and Tony; their chemistry is palpable. Michael takes a knee and begins to fondle Tony. As they stare at each other and become more comfortable, Michael seems mesmerized by Tony’s dick. Tony takes control and brings himself up while Michael licks and sucks Tony’s balls. Tony playfully thumps his dick on Michael’s forehead before Michael again swallows. Sitting, Michael quietly comments, “that’s twice as much as my last one.” I invite the two to kiss; they lock lips tentatively, but from then on, they are in synch.Fully up, Tony rests his hand on Michael’s head as he is blown. Going up and down, Michael seems to really enjoy sucking on another guy; his oral skills are reciprocated with moans and sighs. Zooming in, you can see Michael’s interest in men is aroused the more he orally satisfies his partner. When Michael gets up from the futon, he is semi hard, just from sucking. “Bigger than I’ve been with before,” he comments, “but not a bad thing,” he adds. Transfixed on Tony’s meat, Michael does not let go as we talk; “I think Mikey likes it.” I ask if Michael wants Tony to suck on him, but Michael is not ready to let go of this “tiger,” and goes back down. He bends over Tony’s cock and engulfs again, working on getting the girth to the back of his throat. Tony is more than happy to let his partner, “explore.” Within a few more licks, Tony lets out a “wow” and the two seamlessly go back to kissing, this time with tongues. Both take a minute and lay their heads together; I think they are processing just how much fun another man can be. Michael goes down deeper on his partner; Tony begins to thrust his hips up to meet Michael’s mouth. “Try to swallow the whole thing,” I advise. “A little too much,” Michael responds, but I notice as Tony begins to fondle Michael’s dick, Michael manages to take in more of Tony. Very aroused, Michael opens his throat up wider to accommodate Tony before the two open up the futon to continue. Stretched out, Michael pulls off his underwear so that Tony may suck; this lasts but a moment, as Michael is too enthralled with Tony’s member to allow himself to be orally reciprocated. Michael is truly a “giver” and receives more pleasure out of swallowing than being swallowed. From here, the two have settled into a nice rhythm; Michael will continue until Tony is ready to cum. This takes a bit, but the footage only serves to arouse everyone. It gets very quiet as they work together to release Tony’s extracts, but the scene works very well. Tony takes over stroking his cock as his partner suckles his testicles. The deeper Michael licks, the louder Tony moans; “oh yeah” sighs Tony. Michael inhales as much as he can of Tony’s sack; Tony comes closer to orgasm. It’s really sensual to see two guys just enjoying themselves so fully; Michael trying to expand his curiosities about being with men, and Tony being so open to allow another man to explore his body, fully. Then, from a quiet sucking and licking sound, Tony explodes with, “I’m cumming” as he ejaculates, oozing down his cock and onto his groin. Michael watches intensely and then goes down to lick the wet shaft of his partner, happily. Passionately, the two kiss; all I can think is, “Ikea, here they come.” Download the Full Video at

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Dick Sucking 101: Travis Cooper & Nick Kush

20 September, 2012 (11:48) | StraightRentBoys | By: blatino

Having two hot models work together is always fun and enjoyable to watch. I put Travis Cooper and Nick Kush together today for some oral action; it’s the first time they have worked together so we’ll start off slow. Nick has actually never sucked dick and if he wants to be gay for pay, he’s got to. Travis points out that in this business, “just go with the flow.” Travis, a boy of few deep-voiced words tells Nick “I just put it in my mouth and bob my head up and down.” From, here’s Travis and Nick, “Dick Sucking 101.”Getting it up is always half the battle and Nick has brought with him some, “accoutrements,” to help get it hard, kiwi-cherry flavored lube. Eddie remarks, “sounds like a Slurpee to me.” Oh, these pampered models; Travis chimes in, “I like Kiwi flavor.” Nick gets about half way hard and I suggest Travis start. From the get go, I think Nick likes Travis’ warm wet mouth, sucking that “Slurpee.” Nick frowns, so I check and see if he’s okay, “feels good” he comments. Travis says Nick’s dick, “tastes really good;” at least the boys agree on kiwi “Slurpees.” “Suck that fucking cock,” moans Nick. Apparently, Nick really enjoys Travis’ “go with the flow” method. I think Nick’s horse sized cock, keeps growing. I don’t remember it being this big when he jerked off for us before, must be the “watering” Travis is giving it. Nick starts panting as he gets closer. Bobbing up and down, then stroking, Travis has Nick on the edge. It’s not that long before Nick says, “a little harder baby,” then adds more lube and strokes himself. Now pounding on his own hose, Nick jerks as Travis plays with his, and watches. It takes a while but I’m sure you don’t mind waiting and drooling. Nick gasps, “that fucking cum,” and oozes out. Next up, Travis’ “Dick Sucking 102 With Kiwi and Nick.”

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Edward Gonzales is Straight, Married and Corruptible

15 June, 2012 (19:33) | StraightRentBoys | By: blatino

Edward for StraightRentBoys  is 20, 5’6″, size 8 shoe and 120lbs. He does have a small build, but he sports a nice six pack of abs. He seems very quiet and reserved, but something about that big tattoo has got me wondering. The meaning behind dragon tattoos lies in their “raw energy;” Edward doesn’t really fit the bill for “power,” but I have a good feeling about him; he may be silent, but I think he’ll leave an impression. Eddie tries to joke with Edward about the “universal sign” for jacking off; Edward seems to know that one. He says he does it usually once a day, but “my girlfriend does it for me.” That’s also why he’s wearing the wedding ring, for him, “she’s the one.” As he drops his pants, Eddie makes the comment that he wished, “all straight guys got their pants off that easily.”As he takes various positions on and off the futon he jerks, quickly. His uncut dick is a nice healthy size and as he strokes, his sizeable balls bounce rhythmically. I zoom in on his groin; his testicles are tightening, but still, no noise. He shows us his stretched out body, and a pair of really cute feet. It does take a while and most of a porn video before Edward gives the look. Once he is on the edge, it doesn’t take much to have him unload, and unload he does. This is what the “Quiet Dragon” has been hiding. His cum shoots out of his head in nice, thick, white streams, landing on the top of his leg and in pools on the futon. I don’t think when I was 20, would I shoot so much jizz. So we have Edward, silent but effective; I do hope you enjoyed the jerk off scene. He says he’ll be back, “to let a guy suck his dick and he will fuck him.” Download the full HD video at

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Vince and Jacob are Latino Straight Rent Boys

15 April, 2012 (07:16) | StraightRentBoys | By: blatino

Jacob recently did a solo for StraightRentBoys and that went really well, but here it’s time to get him comfortable with sucking dick so that when he is finishes his “schooling” here and goes on to other studios, he can earn top dollar in the gay for pay industry. I also brought in Vince to help me with Jacob. Vice has been here before and filmed some very hot scenes; he is also the one that made Santiago cum three times while fucking him. When Vince came in and stood next to Jacob I could see them working well together. As far as the sucking dick goes, Jacob was uneasy about doing it but agreed that he is “going to have to do it.” Both Jacob and Vince sat on the couch and I asked Vince if he had any pointers for Jacob, “no teeth, you don’t want to bite it” was the main concern of Vince. Then, Jacob took Vince in his mouth and began to suck. “It will grow in your mouth, but it won’t bite you,” was Vince’s last tip before Jacob began. Jacob seemed to be okay with it, not thrilled, but putting up with it for the “work.” Vince said Jacob was doing okay for a beginner; Jacob’s dick became hard within a few minutes and that’s when Jacob realized just how big Vince is. Continuing to suck, Jacob starts to get the hang of stroking while “choking.” Vince reminded Jacob to “play with it too; windmill, helicopter.” Download the full HD video at

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Cuban RentBoy Diego Mendez

13 March, 2012 (07:15) | StraightRentBoys | By: blatino

Diego Mendez just arrived on US soil 7 months ago from as he told in their interview. This fresh faced straight boy had to find a way to make a living fast, and soon found himself on the beach where he gives hand jobs and jerk off shows for quick cash. offered him $300.00 to come down to their studio and show us the kind of show he gives his clients.

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Interracial Buddies At Play With Straight Boy 2

14 September, 2011 (09:49) | StraightRentBoys | By: blatino

It’s more of the friends and the straight boy this week at The beers have obviously kicked in and these boys are just enjoying the moment for all it’s worth. Who can blame them? American Chinese Erick is the lucky guy this time as both Adam and Ray are taking turns sucking his cock. For a straight boy Adam seems to be enjoying that cock thanks to some help from one particular brewing company.Where it gets real good is when they switch positions a bit and Latino Twink Adam is in the middle. He has Erick’s cock in his mouth while Ray is sucking him off. Did I mention that Adam seems to know what he is doing with a cock in his mouth? I would say that he could teach Ray a thing or two. Maybe I spoke too soon as Adam shoots a hot load while sucking Erick. Good job Ray. These boys just can’t get enough cock in their mouthes. Adam gets hard again and Erick goes down on him while getting sucked by Ray. This straight boy is really getting into what is going down here. Finally Erick announces that he is going to cum. Have you ever shook a beer and opened it? It squirts. So does Erick. In a big way. Great taste. Less filling…

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