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Black Thugs Theo Rush and Ty Lamar Blatino Fucking

1 January, 2013 (08:39) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Ty Lamar ThugBoy model is appreciating some graffiti art on the streets of Miami when Theo walks by and scopes him out. He asks what’s up and if he likes what he sees. Theo definitely likes what he is looking at and goes up to grab and see what Ty is packing. Feeling it, they head back to Theo’s hotel room and strip down and make out. Ty puts his lips all over Theo and ends up right between his legs licking that ass and tonguing it. Once it’s all wet he pulls Theo’s legs up and shoves his big dick in. All Theo can do is yell “hell yeah!” while he gets opened up. They 69 for a while and Ty shoots all of his nut in Theo’s mouth and jerks Theo’s fat dick until he busts too. Theo might have forgotten to mention his boyfriend and once he gets his nut he kicks Ty out real fast before he gets caught!

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Mr Long Black Cock Brandon Smith Fucking Mr. Phat Lipps

22 December, 2012 (12:39) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

That is some motherfucking long black cock featured at ThugBoy ! Brandon Smith is lookin for a new acting job and he’s bein interviewed by Mr Phat Lipps today. Mr Phat Lipps likes to be very extensive in his interviews so he has Mr Smith show him if he’s in good shape by taking off his clothes and showin him his chest ass ass and dick. When he sees Brandon’s 11″ piece he’s definitely ready to take it to the audition phase. They go to a hotel and those phat lipps get wrapped right around that huge pipe. After some suckin Mr Phat Lipps gets on all fours and takes that big dick like a champ. He gets fucked every way with every inch! Brandon busts a real huge nut all over his face while it gets licked up and his impressive piece gets kissed. No doubt he knew how to get that job done.

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Gay Sex with Ebony Twinks Theo Rush and Ty Lamar

19 December, 2012 (01:26) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Theo featured at ThugBoy  is hustling some green at the park when Ty comes and hollas at him. Ty lifts his shirt up to show Theo his hard body and asks if he wants to give it a test drive and Theo is definitely down. Ty’s a real passionate brother and he licks Theo all over before getting his tongue up Theo’s ass until his eyes are rolling back in his head. Theo deep-throats his big fat dick then gets on all fours so he can get his ass opened up. These two are doing it in every position but Theo loves to climb on top and ride that shit like a champ. Ty can’t take much more of Theo’s incredibly tight ass before he’s gotta bust his nut. They both cum in each others mouth and end this hot fuck session with some snowballing.

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Black Thugs Deka and Tyson in Gay Sex

19 December, 2012 (00:01) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Deka and Tyson featured at ThugBoy  just hanging out and gettin ready to fuck. Tyson’s dick is the bomb and Deka knows it. He gets on his knees and takes it all in, he’s trying so hard to satisfy Tyson with his oral skillz, but Tyson ain’t no chump and wants to fuck Deka. Tyson layin da pipe like nobody else can and Deka is screaming out in joy. Tyson don’t let go from this booty, he’s like attached or something, relentlessy pounding away at em cakes til Deka nuts all over himself. Soon after Tyson pulls out himsef and lands another fat load on Deka’s face!

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J-Rock and Raymond Usher Fucking at the Pool

26 November, 2012 (11:39) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

J-Rock always making trouble at  ThugBoy.  Ain’t got no control on dat bball or maybe that’s just his way of making conversation with that sexy slim brother Raymond Usher. Yo, Ray definitely ain’t regretting dis encounter. J-Rock got a big fat dick and ain’t afraid to use it. A little in the water massage turns into J-Rock getting his dick deep throat-ed by Ray. He damn for sure know how to take a dick. Bottom of the year no doubt. J-Rock fucking him in the pool for a motherfucking eternity absolutely tearing apart that ass. Ray ain’t complaining, yo he takes that dick like it ain’t there and takes a face full a nut at the end.

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Antonio Alvarez doing Avery Alexander doing Gabriel Grant

25 November, 2012 (09:52) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Avery and Gabriel are mouthing off in detention at  ThugBoy  while Mr Alvarez is in charge. They tell him that if he had an assignment for them it would probably help keep them quiet. Antonio wasn’t very prepared to give out an assignment so he figures the next best thing is just to fuck these two. He gets these boys naked and starts working on their big dicks stuffing his mouth while he gets his ass eaten out. Gabriel steps up and shoves his fat pipe in Antonio’s tight hole while Antonio sucks on Avery’s piece. They sandwich Antonio between some fat dick and make him take it all, shoving it up his ass and deep down his throat. It’s such a good fuck that you know all three of them are gonna get their nut and they shoot it all over. Antonio ends detention by telling the boys that they’ll have to come back next week!

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Gabriel Grant and Virgil Valentine

14 November, 2012 (18:23) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Gabriel and Virgil featured at  ThugBoy  are kicking it in the locker room just shooting the shit and changing. Virgil happened to be commando today and when Gabriel saw him drop trou he was ready to take some of that. Gabe follows suit and strips while Virgil gets down to eat out that hot tight slim round ass. Virgil’s feeling all top today and Gabe takes it in every position. After a long session of fucking Gabriel is ready to unleash what’s in his nuts and he busts it all over Gabriel. Virgil quickly follows suit and unloads all over himself making a big sticky mess. Only thing to do after getting that messy is hit the showers.

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Antonio Alvarez and Gabriel Grant + Theo Rush

2 November, 2012 (16:54) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Gabriel and Theo are two punk ass brothers on ThugBoy who got themselves in detention again. Antonio stops in to do some cleaning and finds them there with no teacher around. Once he starts grabbing his dick these two thugs know what’s up and waste no time dropping trou. They take turns sucking on Antonio’s dick then get him bent over so Gabriel can eat out that tight ass. Theo goes first and opens that hole up, stuffing it full of dick, then Gabriel has a go at it with his huge fat pipe. Gabriel busts his nut all over Antonio’s ass, and Antonio works out a load on the teachers desk. Theo surprises everyone when he leans down and licks all that nut up cause that’s just how he do. Hot fucking shit right there!

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Avery Alexander and Virgil Valentine

2 November, 2012 (16:51) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Avery and Virgil  on ThugBoy  are shootin the shit after a friendly game of basketball when there’s a little dispute on who had the better game. Avery claims he came out on top but Virgil is about to show him who the real top is. This is some hot locker room shit right here, with Avery getting his ass eaten out in a tight jock and sucking on Virgil’s dick before bending over and getting his hole stuffed. By how much Avery is moaning it’s clear who’s on bottom after the game. Virgil is pounding that ass so deep and steady he can’t get enough and can only last so long before he has to bust his shit. He covers Avery’s cute face with that cream then kneels down to gethis face covered too.

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Dejuan Diamond and Domino Star

22 October, 2012 (08:24) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Domino featured on ThugBoy  is chilling outside the train station when he can’t help but notice some real sexy feet on Dejuan as he passes by. He hits the brutha up and asks if he gets down with feet and lucky for him, he sho does! They go back to Domino’s place to get their freak on since Dejuan’s girl is at work. Dejuan licks all over Domino’s toes and kisses those feet until his big dick gets rock hard. Domino knows how to take charge like a true top and puts Dejuan on his back when he’s ready for some ass, then drills his piece in and opens that shit up. He busts his nut all over Dejuan’s stomach and makes him forget all about that girl of his.

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