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Kellah Is Cleaning Up The Streets

21 August, 2011 (11:15) | ThugHunter | By: blatino

The guys over at is doing it again! Now it is time for black street thug Kellah to get some pain in his ass.Jack hook up with a street thug at, here is their story :
This week I ran into my friend Jack. He said he wanted to meet a Thug, but he wasn’t expecting to find out the lengths he would have to go through to get that ass. So I took him into the hood and sure enough we run into Kellah and he said he was guarding the streets, or so he said. He was getting ready to pop us, but as soon as I flashed my cash, he changed his tune. Suddenly you couldn’t take a dick out of his mouth. And for a few hundred more, he was bent down on an old mattress getting dick in his ass! Another thug eats the dust.

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Mathew McConaugay Railing The Thug With The Pouty Lips

16 August, 2011 (16:46) | ThugHunter | By: blatino

The guys over at is crazy! But is is laso very hot! Here is Mathew have found a new and very dark black thug to take it in the ass.Here is what got to say about their story :
Me and my boy Jacob were scouring the ghetto. He kinda looks like a young Matthew McConaughey. Turns out he has a fantasy about fucking a stacked up Thug out on the Mean Streets. But he’s been apprehensive about it because he doesnt want to be shot or stabbed for walking up to the wrong thug. Luckily for him, I knew where to look for the finest in quality THug. We went to some abandoned lot where we found this dude protecting his “territory” This thug had some pouty Lips though thats for sure. Those looked like DSLs so I started flashing some money around and he took the bait. What can I say I got the “Turning Boys Touch”, we took him to the rails and my boy railed him on old tire by the train tracks..Thats how we roll!

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Even The Dealers Can Be Targets

7 July, 2011 (16:42) | ThugHunter | By: blatino

This is naughty shit from, Casey got out on the hood again. He liked his last adventure so much he got hooked. He wanted to find a real rugged thug who wasn’t afraid of getting his ass hole fucked gaped wide open.  He found a Dealer near some Garage, He said he was getting his car fixed. After talking to him, it turned out he slings dope. He offered him some money to for some “white” lol! He didn’t get the joke until he was deep throating some cock in the back behind some dumpsters. Guess what he really liked it too. Casey shove his dick right up his black sloppy ass and he took it like a champ..Even rode it like rodeclown for a little while. I guess in the Hood Anything can happen.

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Mexican Street Thug Fucked by White

15 June, 2011 (09:06) | ThugHunter | By: blatino

This is hot from, read what they got to say about this story:
Wandering the streets with my homeboy, we found this Thug sitting around in a parking lot. I thought I knew him, but by the time I realized I didn’t, it was already too late and we were saying ‘whats up’. Well I don’t like letting an opportunity go to waste. I quickly offered him a position that he can definitely fill. So we took him to a local spot and convinced him to suck my home boy off. At first he was a little hesitant, but when we told him about all the other opportunities he could be having, home boy had a dick in his mouth. That’s how we roll.

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