Dick Sucking 101: Travis Cooper & Nick Kush

20 September, 2012 (11:48) | StraightRentBoys | By: blatino

Having two hot models work together is always fun and enjoyable to watch. I put Travis Cooper and Nick Kush together today for some oral action; it’s the first time they have worked together so we’ll start off slow. Nick has actually never sucked dick and if he wants to be gay for pay, he’s got to. Travis points out that in this business, “just go with the flow.” Travis, a boy of few deep-voiced words tells Nick “I just put it in my mouth and bob my head up and down.” From Straightrentboys.com, here’s Travis and Nick, “Dick Sucking 101.”Getting it up is always half the battle and Nick has brought with him some, “accoutrements,” to help get it hard, kiwi-cherry flavored lube. Eddie remarks, “sounds like a Slurpee to me.” Oh, these pampered models; Travis chimes in, “I like Kiwi flavor.” Nick gets about half way hard and I suggest Travis start. From the get go, I think Nick likes Travis’ warm wet mouth, sucking that “Slurpee.” Nick frowns, so I check and see if he’s okay, “feels good” he comments. Travis says Nick’s dick, “tastes really good;” at least the boys agree on kiwi “Slurpees.” “Suck that fucking cock,” moans Nick. Apparently, Nick really enjoys Travis’ “go with the flow” method. I think Nick’s horse sized cock, keeps growing. I don’t remember it being this big when he jerked off for us before, must be the “watering” Travis is giving it. Nick starts panting as he gets closer. Bobbing up and down, then stroking, Travis has Nick on the edge. It’s not that long before Nick says, “a little harder baby,” then adds more lube and strokes himself.┬áNow pounding on his own hose, Nick jerks as Travis plays with his, and watches. It takes a while but I’m sure you don’t mind waiting and drooling. Nick gasps, “that fucking cum,” and oozes out. Next up, Travis’ “Dick Sucking 102 With Kiwi and Nick.”

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