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White Twink Taking Long Hard Black Cock

31 December, 2012 (08:35) | MixItUpBoy | By: blatino

Kevin Banks featured at MixItUpBoy is admiring the car Brandon is standing next to. He asks Brandon if it’s his but it isn’t. When Brandon asks if he wants a ride Kevin gets a little confused since he just said he doesn’t have a car but eventually he gets what’s up. When Brandon pulls out his thick 11″ black dick, Kevin doesn’t even flinch. He deep-throats the shit outta that monster like a real pro. After getting it wet he bends over and puts his pink hole in the air and Brandon wastes no time taking that shit. With all 11 inches in he asks Kevin if he likes that big black dick and how could he not! Kevin is so worked up having so much cock up his ass that when Brandon unloads all over his face, he busts his nut too. It’s definitely a much better ride he could’ve ever gotten in that car!

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Interracial Fucking feat. Kevin Banks and Theo Rush

22 December, 2012 (12:27) | MixItUpBoy | By: blatino

Kevin and Theo starring on MixItUpBoy are chilling on the Hotel balcony both feeling horny on vacation in Miami. They kick it for a lil bit then head inside and drop trou. Kevin loves a big black dick and when Theo pulls his out his mouth starts watering. He kneels down and sucks real deep getting it wet and rock hard. He bends over and Theo fingers his beautiful tight pink hole and leans down for a taste. He puts Kevin’s ankles behind his head and gets his 8 1/2″ black dick balls deep up that ass. They’re so horny they don’t even care if anyone hears all the moaning and ass slapping that’s going on. Theo finishes by busting a big nut right in Kevin’s mouth and they kiss and share all that cum. Then Theo spits it on Kevin’s hole and fingers it deep inside while Kevin cums all over.

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Blatino Threeway with Cody Kyler, Marlone Santos & Tiago Rio

16 December, 2012 (09:49) | MixItUpBoy | By: blatino

Blatino threeway fuck in this second update here today from MixItUpBoy ; Cody draggin himself in some hot and horny Papis. He sure loves to get down and dirty on that uncut pinga. Before you know it Cody got two cocks in his face and soon after Marlone Santos gets him ready to get fucked. When Cody got enough it’s Tiago’s turn to get slammed hard by Marlone who’s ready to nut all over Tiago. After Marlone busts, Cody is ready for some more dick and let’s Tiago utterly destroy him!

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Blatino Gay Sex with Cayden Cooper & Cody Kyler

16 December, 2012 (09:42) | MixItUpBoy | By: blatino

Blatino fun at MixItUpBoy ;  Cayden Cooper and Cody Kyler are out playing basketball and decide to take the action from the court to the bedroom. They soon discover it’s a lot more fun to play with each instead of a basketball. They strip down and take turns sucking each others dicks and making out until Cody climbs on top of Cayden and starts to drill him for a while. Cody wants some cock up his ass too and offers it up for Cayden to tap. Cody loves getting dicked so much he unloads all over his stomach with Cayden’s fat cock balls deep up his tight ass. Cayden finishes soon after covering his abs with his cum.

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Balck Twink Dejuan Diamond in Interracial Threeway

26 November, 2012 (11:34) | MixItUpBoy | By: blatino

Chase and DeJuan featured at MixItUpBoy.com is  rolling in that caddy hungry as fuck when Micah calls em up for a ride. He been stuck at a bus stop out in the freezing rain, but once they get back to his crib he starts warming right up. Micah just loves being sandwiched between two big black dicks. Chase and DeJuan take total control over that ass slamming him from both ends non stop til he cums all over himself while begging for nut to his face!

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Cody Kyler Lick Malo’s Black Hole

25 November, 2012 (09:55) | MixItUpBoy | By: blatino

Cody Kyler at MixItUpBoy.com , the cutest of all twinks, is hosting a live fuck show with his buddy Malo. He’s got Malo by the balls, doing his every bidding making him suck his dick until he’s ready to fuck Malo’s ass all night long. Malo is just bouncin off that dick like crazy really working it hard to make Cody nut. Cody is just dominating Malo non stop, but eventually he’s gonna have to bust, ain’t no chance resisting a nice piece of ass like that and when he comes Malo slurps that shit right up and ends it all with a sloppy wet cum make out session!

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Interracial Big Teen Cock Fight at 8TeenBoy

25 November, 2012 (00:15) | 8TeenBoy, HelixStudios | By: blatino

It’s a interracial battle of the teenage bulge at 8TeenBoy when Latino Roman Daniels and Kyler Ash are in the same room. Who is the master and who is the slave – looks like both get to play the dominate role when it comes to this mouth watering horse hung cock fantasy.

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Thick Latino Teen Dick, Tight White Teen Hole

19 November, 2012 (06:47) | 8TeenBoy, HelixStudios | By: blatino

If there is one thing Helix Studios Exclusive Kyle Ross enjoys, it’s a huge Latin cock. Enter Roman Daniels, the next generation of mixed Latino huge cocks that is ready to pound through the long list of Helix tight bodied twinks. After some foreplay and cock sucking Roman plunges into Ross’ boy hole, gliding in and out with sweet perfection. Kyle holds on tight for this hung ride that ends with a creamy interracial facial at 8TeenBoy.

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Billy Baxter and Hotrod

7 October, 2012 (05:31) | MixItUpBoy | By: blatino

Hotrod calling himself a massage at MixItUpBoy.com, but this one is rather… uninhibited. Billy asks Hotrod to get naked, but also throws off is own clothes. After a minute of “messaging” the two start sucking on each other dicks instead. Hotrod takes control and stuffs his fat black dick right into Billy’s ass, hitting it real good. Pumping away at it til it’s Billy’s turn to fuck Hotrod. Billy gives that hole a hell of a workout making Hotrod scream in ecstasy!

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Cayden Cooper and Jesse Rabbit Fuck Time

29 September, 2012 (09:57) | MixItUpBoy | By: blatino

Cayden strutting his stuff at the pool when Jesse Rabbit practically swims right into him in the MixItUpBoy.com pool. Cayden likes what he sees and strikes up a conversation with Jesse who’s hella exhausted from all that swimming. The two head back to Jesse’s crib to chill, but there ain’t no chilling cuz Cayden is all over Jesse and pulling down his pants to reveal a that brotha’s big dick and stuff it in his mouth. He’s really liking that pipe, once it’s hard it’s enormous. Cayden then let’s Jesse play with his piece and then starts fucking him on the couch. Legs wide open he doesn’t have any trouble hammering that ass. When he’s ready to cum he makes sure Jesse’s mouth is waiting for that nut and the total freak he is he passionately kisses Jesse gettin a taste of his own juice!

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