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Asian Twink Liam Tuan Fucked by AJ Javier

5 January, 2013 (12:55) | AsianBoyNation | By: blatino

AsianBoyNation here brought together Liam Tuan and AJ Javier. As the two chat, they seem to have some things in common: they both like boys and they’re horny. Liam wants them both out of their clothes, and he’s not the only one. They begin with a lot of tongue and “end up” relishing Liam’s hole. AJ first works on his partner’s nipples. As the camera pans down, Liam’s large bulge expands his jeans. Next, Liam has AJ’s cock out, and in, his mouth. When the camera gets closer, Liam is all about taking care of the top’s cock. “Your mouth feels so good,” comments AJ. The pants and gasps have Liam very aroused; of course, it could also be the sweet cock he is gulping. Alternating hand and mouth, Liam’s skills are quite fun to watch and to AJ, quite fun to feel.

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 “I’m ready for that hole of yours,” comments AJ; Liam takes a bit more convincing before he unlocks his mouth for AJ’s cock. “Get on all fours, I want to fuck you doggie style,” requests AJ; Liam is happy to bend over his sweet round ass and arch his back. “That hole’s so fucking tight,” slobbers AJ; the camera is close in so we can all appreciate the hot action. Alternating slaps and strokes on his partner, the top continues to pound balls deep; the shot from behind confirms that. “Ah yeah,” are the only words coming out of Liam, the rest are moans and gasps. They switch to a side position, kiss and continue to fuck; the bottom’s hot hole is definitely welcoming to AJ, who keeps a quick rhythm. He then changes the pace; Liam admits that he’s a bit sore, but loving all of it. Even though Liam’s dick is not erect, keep an eye on his balls as they swell and tighten. “Oh yeah, baby,” moans Liam as he positions his body to relish every inch of the top. Taking over, Liam sits atop AJ and rides; the top looks at his partner and gasps, “ah fuck.” As AJ holds onto his partner’s hips, he pulls Liam all the way down onto his cock. The two go for a missionary position. Gasping as they rock back and forth, Liam’s whimpers spur AJ on; he is very close. The bottom watches AJ and licks his lips in delight. AJ pulls out and says, “I wanna fucking cum;” as he blows stream after stream, Liam holds onto AJ’s hips for support. Smiling, Liam wipes some of the cum off his face, he is covered. “That was so fucking hot, you made me want to cum so bad,” exclaims AJ. Download this video and more!

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Latino and Asian LiveCam Lust at PeterFever

20 November, 2012 (08:15) | PeterFever | By: blatino

Eric realized after fucking Jessie that things between them are not the same in this PeterFever feature. He remembered talking to Peter about these hot guys on LiveCams.PeterFever.com and he decided to check them out. As Eric started looking at all of the guys he noticed this erotic Latino named Diego. His deep voice, a hot body, and sensual smile got Eric turned on. And Diego started getting hard and horny after finding out that Eric is Asian.Diego slips off his pants and shows off his hard cock. Eric starts thinking about pounding Diego’s ass and begins to jerk off, fantasizing over his hot Latin cock. Check out the chemistry between Eric East and Diego Vena in “LiveCam Lust” – The Asiancy Season 3, Episode 2.

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View the trailer for season 3 of The Asiancy above.

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Hahn Kim Fucked By Big Black Cock Intrigue Fox

26 October, 2012 (16:23) | AsianBoyNation | By: blatino

Where else to “lite it up” besides a sauna? With lights flooding every crevasse, we get treated to quite a peek. AsianBoyNation has Hahn Kim. Well, Intrigue Fox actually has Han, but we get to watch. Remember, this is an interactive video; anticipation and participation are “man”datory. Intrigue Fox is thick and stiff from the start. Seeing Hahn’s moist warm mouth only excites him more; “yeah fuckin’ suck on this dick” he tells Hahn. Gulping down and deep throating, Hahn fingers himself and jerks to prepare. “Hell yeah,” says the top, slapping his cock against the bottom’s face. Getting comfortable on a bed, Intrigue Fox sits while Hahn happily chokes. Licking his balls and up his shaft, Hahn moans, “yeah” when Intrigue Fox asks if Hahn, “wants to feel that dick.” Grabbing Hahn’s head, Intrigue Fox puts the boy’s mouth right where he wants it. The top then picks up the boy and puts him straight onto his cock. “Take that dick,” Intrigue Fox says, holding onto the boy’s hips for control. From the side, wow; Hahn is so enthralled with the feeling of Intrigue Fox, from the inside; he actually smiles at the camera while he rides.AsianBoyNation go behind to zoom in on Hahn’s pounding; the boy moans while Intrigue Fox says, “ride it” and spanks his boy. Thrusting his hips and grinding on the top, Hahn then holds on while Intrigue Fox lunges from below. Intrigue Fox manipulates the boy, putting him into a missionary position and fucks his hole; both guys are on the verge. “Like that?” Asks Intrigue Fox; Hahn whimpers, “yeah.” “Oh my God,” yells Hahn as he shoots from head to pubes. Intrigue Fox goes for a few more pumps before he blasts a load onto the beautiful face of Hahn, gleefully waiting. A thick creamy load splatters the boy’s face; Hahn finishes with sucking out the last drop of Intrigue Fox’s juices.

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Gilbert Flores and Latino Twink Ceaser Alvarado

11 October, 2012 (05:08) | AsianBoyNation | By: blatino

These two young brown men at AsianBoyNation start by kissing and making out on the park bench and getting familiar with each other’s body with roaming hands. After some intense kissing and making out, Ceaser decides to take it to the next level and make out with Gilbert’s cock. Off come Gilbert’s pants and he leans back spreading his legs. As Ceaser sucks, we hear Gilbert say “suck harder” and Ceaser turns up the suction. Now Gilbert decides to return the favor as he helps Ceaser undress. Still on the park bench, Ceaser leans back against a pole while Gilbert demonstrates his sucking capabilities; and a mighty fine job he does. Getting each other primed, pumped and ready for the main show, they lay down on the blanket with Ceaser on his back as Gilbert works his cock into Ceaser’s tight ass. Gilbert starts off slow and builds momentum. Once he finds his rythm and Ceaser obviously starts enjoying getting his ass pumped, the cameraman moves behind Gilbert for a shot and we get to see Gilberts beautiful ass. Watching his ass muscles flex with each thrust, those beautiful soft plump cheeks, WOW!If you love to rim as I do, and with an ass like that to dive into, you need to remember to come up for air! Now the boys switch posisitions and they swap. Gilbert lays on his back and Ceaser mounts his cock. Listening to the moans Ceaser is making and seeing his hard uncut cock swinging in the breeze as he rides Gilberts cock, it’s all to obvious he’s really getting into the action. This excites Gilbert even more and he holds on to Ceaser’s hips setting the pace. As the action continues, we see Gilbert start curling and biting his lip, eyes rolling back as he gets close. The scene cuts and next we see Ceaser standing up in front of Gilber jacking off and cumming on his chest. Not to be left out, we next see Gilbert jacking his nice cock and blowing a nice load all over Ceaser. And so ends a nice “day in the park.” Download the Full Video at AsianBoyNation.com

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Asian Doctor Treats African Gay Prostitute

18 September, 2012 (15:01) | DoctorTwink | By: blatino

Eric has a bit of a sore ass a day after he got fucked really hard in his tight black African ass. A trip to the bathroom does not really help, so he calls in Doctor Twink to give him a good examination. Little does he know about the nasty tricks the gay medical porn professional has in his goodie bag. It starts out easy, with a check of his vital signs. Then the kinky doctor gags his patient! He continues the gay medical examination of his confused patient with a big metal ass-clamp that allows us a nice close up of the black guy’s stretched out hole. Then the doctor orders him to piss. Then the outrage continues, Eric is outfitted with black leather restaining gear and gets a huge milk enema up his ass to clean his naughty boypussy.Eric can do nothing but let his doctor fuck him bareback. The doc shows no mercy. Several times, the doctor takes his slimy dirty cock out of Eric’s ass and shoves it in the boys mouth. We see some hot ass-to-mouth close ups. Meanwhile Eric’s cock start to grow to its true donkey dong size. The evil Dr Twink is on a roll and fucks his twink charge with a big pink dildo. Then he tells the lad to suck his gay medical cock for his pleasure. The boy is barebacked again and shoots a lot of sperm as per the doctors orders. Finally the Doc shoot his own cum in Eric’s mouth for the final cure. Our black friend feels a lot better now.

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African Twink Raw Fucking Tiny Asian Ass

16 September, 2012 (11:15) | 80Gays | By: blatino

It is time for Thai twink Albert to taste the pleasures of Eric’s XXL  African mantool at 80Gays. The cute but slutty twink has heard a lot about Eric’s African schwanz and is dying to get a better feel for it. Eric preps the lads ass with a good rim session. It makes Albert’s dick throbbing hard, and he is eager to feel the black meat in his ass. Eric does not disappoint, his big fat raw cock slides right in to Albert’s ass.This interracial Black fucking Asian twink bareback action on it’s best!

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Joe Park’s First XXL Latino Cock

9 September, 2012 (07:01) | AsianBoyNation | By: blatino

We all know J. Park is a horny little Korean boy, but has he taken on more than he can handle at AsianBoyNation ? After warming him up to Nathaniel’s monster 9 inch cock last week, he told  AsianBoyNation  he was ready to take it all. He warmed up this hung Puerto Rican God first with his mouth, and it’s truly amazing to watch Nathaniel’s cock grow bigger and thicker by the second. Finally the cock looks bigger then J. Park’s hole head and you got to wonder how Park gets his jaws around that monster. After the amazing suck, Park tells Nathaniel to ‘Lick his ass like they do in Puerto Rico.’ Looks like they like to rim them holes deep. Finally Nathaniel gives J. Park the ultimate prize… his monster 9 incher. Park screams ‘Shit’ as he’s in shock by the mighty force of this monster. He’s never had anything nearly this big and you can see the pain in his moaning. The intensity increases as the cock rips J.’s hole apart, inching in deeper and deeper until J. Park can take it all. After some seriously furious fucking, Nathaniel blows his load in J. Park’s mouth as J. guzzles it down.

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Korea Gay Star J. Park In Asian Latin Heat

7 September, 2012 (15:08) | AsianBoyNation | By: blatino

The number 1 Korean gay porn star J. Park is back in action at AsianBoyNation! You may recognize this cute gay Asian twink from the work he did on Japanboyz.com. Well,  AsianBoyNation  invited him over to the Boykakke set to pair him up with a hot, hung, huge cock Latin stud named Nathaniel. Park was so turned on by our Latin hunk he could barely hold his cum once he saw that big dick and Nathaniel started sucking him. For his part, anyone who knows J. Park knows he knows how to suck some dick and it wasn’t long before he was going down on Nathaniel’s meat like crazy, causing Nathaniel to cum all over his face.  AsianBoyNation  looking forward to really spicing things up with these 2 and bringing them back for some hot FUCK action. Do you think J. Park will be able to handle his first big Latin sausage???

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Interracial Outdoor Cum Bath

30 August, 2012 (13:47) | AsianBoyNation | By: blatino

Hot 21yo African American guy Rikki fucked by Chinese twink. The two of them have a really good chemistry together and spend a good deal of time passionately kissing before moving on to deep throating each other’s cocks. This is part one of two and the fucking starts at the end of this part with Rikki squatting down onto Frankie’s cock. The entire scene is filmed outdoors in front of a Jacuzzi – HOT! Download the Full Video at AsianBoyNation.com.

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David Chan’s Latino Fantasy

28 August, 2012 (11:23) | AsianBoyNation | By: blatino

Thanks to one of  AsianBoyNation ‘s  members, they were introduced to the hot, hung, Chinese guy — David Chan — who is featured along with the Latin stud Valentino in this  update. David is 19yo and emanates from San Francisco. He is now a college student in Southern California studying International Business. You can really tell that these two guys have great chemistry for each other and in this part, they really get into making out. David then moves south to passionately suck on Valentino’s 7 inch (17.8 cm) cock. Valentino reciprocates by sucking on David’s HUGE cock. At 5 feet six inches (167 cm), David’s cock looks even larger!

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