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Chubby Latinos Bareback Fucking

29 December, 2012 (12:14) | JorgesGang | By: blatino

More harcore bareback gangster fucking featured at JorgesGang.  This time a bit to chubby for my taste.  But the action is FUCKING great! 🙂 See Puchi crazy pounded by Rick.

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And here is what Jorge from JorgesGang got to say about them ; Many of you have said that Rick does not have what it takes to stay in JorgesGang. Well, he is only the second person who could take Puchi’s PorterHouse Beef all the way down the hatch. I have to hand it to Rick for making it thru the shoot. As you can see he asked Puchi to stop because he could not take it anymore, but Puchi was in his final stages of pleasure and rode that hole to compleation.. When you take a look deep inside of Rick, you will see what a impression Puchi’s Meat left.And some authentic JorgesGang‘s news about some of their models ;

New Update On the Twin’s Jacob And Elizer. Update On the Twin’s Jacob And Elizer. 12/28/2012, I have to wait until i see them in person to believe what Chino told me. But it look’s like The Twin’s escaped Prison by not having anybody show up to testify against them , and the motercycle was burned to a crisp so no finger print’s could be taken. Chino, who works at the Car wash with Jacob said they were at home for Christmas and only spent 2 day’s in Jail. If this is true , the next time they need some quick cash , i hope they stop by and share some of that Twin Twink Ass.

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Marcello Mastro Barebangs Kevyn Luss

12 October, 2012 (15:18) | BangBangBoys | By: blatino

Marcello is back with his cock deep up Kevyn’s raw ass, and there is no stopping them at BangBangBoys.com. Kevyn’s hungry hole laps up Marcello’s raw thick throbbing cock as he takes every dripping inch deeper and deeper till his own cock is dripping with precum.

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Chubby Latino Fucks Asian Twink Bitch

25 July, 2012 (13:33) | AsianBoyNation | By: blatino

Van Ki Moon (aka Ian Cody)  at AsianBoyNation.com  offers up his sweet Asian butthole to a slightly chubby Latin homie in this interracial fuck fest. Meeting up on the streets and heading back to Van’s, the chemistry and heat start from the moment they hit the couch. Van strips quickly then lip locks the guy’s cock. The friend has about 50 pounds on Van and shows him some sizeable Latino meat. Down for some hot oral action, his buddy says, ‘you were looking for some dick out there, weren’t you?’ And the promise of more friends to come and service Van has both men hot. Going deep, Van shows his abilities; he undresses the Latino then is rewarded by being face fucked. They switch and Van becomes the suckie. Working his nipples as his amigo bear swallows his cock, Van responds with moans of delight. Taking Van right to the edge, this guy knows how to get inside a head; ah, fuck yeah,’ pants Van. ‘Let me suck you again, papi,’ says Van, as the top lays on his back and receives more mouth to cock. Van grabs the whole package of his papi, and bobs up and down; his friend watches eagerly. Let’s go to the backdoor, suggests Van; his buddy responds, ‘come sit on it.’ Aggressively mounting the Latino, Van shouts, ‘fuck my hole.’ From this point on, there are lots of, oh fucks and oh yeahs; this pairing and sharing has Van grabbing the arm of the couch for any support he can get. Leaning toward his partner, Van is rewarded with a caress and kiss. In total control, the Latino continues to use Van’s hole as his own toy; ‘I want to fuck you,’ the tops demands has he pushes Van to another part of the couch, this time going doggie style. Taking it hard, Van yells, ‘oh fuck;’ he grips his own cock for comfort. Pulling out then back in, the top watches Van moan with pleasure; ‘oh fuck,’ whines Van. ‘Oh fuck me,’ begs Van as he is railed from behind. Download the full video in the highest quality at AsianBoyNation.com.

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Toxik Johnson Solo from CocoDorm

4 June, 2012 (09:32) | CocoDorm | By: blatino

Not sure Toxik Johnson  from CocoDorm exactly fitst the “Blatinoteen” description ,  but I post him for his long cock and long rastas  😉 He also seems to like cumming in a glass for then to drink it, that is recycling for sure! hehe!

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Raunel Free Gallery from Enigmaticboys

16 March, 2012 (07:49) | EnigmaticBoys | By: blatino

Free mini gallery with Raunel from EnigmaticBoys. When I first did see Raunel’s face shoot I was stunned… but to be honest when I got to see his body I got disappointed. Sorry, but I am not so much into chubby guys. Still he is very cute, and I guess many guys wild find this chubby Latino youngster verry attractive 😉

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