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Gabriel Grant, I Love You and Your Thick Brown Cock

15 December, 2012 (18:25) | CocoDorm | By: blatino

I am a huge fan of Grabriel Grant.  This slim 19 year old gay Latino twink has done several movies for CocoDorm, ThugBoy and RawRods.  With and without condom! “Unfortunately” he is mostly top, that is a bit sad because he have such a nice little ass and I love seeing him getting fucked bareback.  But again, he got an enormous big and very thick cock and he know how to fuck a man! Here is his long awaited solo session from CocoDorm.  I just love Gabriel Grant, he is the no. 1 model of CocoDorm for sure! Enjoy his free set and video below;And something actually a bit off topic from Gabriel Grant. Well, he reminds me of someone. So here goes the story ;  Once I rented a photo-studio and took model shoots, non nude. Then one fine day this cute guy that came from somewhere in South America contacted me.  He wanted his photos taken, and he wanted to get model work.  So I agreed to meet him,  his face and smile was so similar to Gabriel here.  The thing was that after we were done with the pictures, we got really close and he kissed me.  And soon he was there naked on the sofa…  18 years old, so smooth and brown skin. Delicious hard cock but not so big as Gabriel’s , and he was bottom…  So I did not take long before he turned his smooth teen ass around and up in the air so I could lick his natural hairless hole, then I fucked him hard and long all bareback! He loved it so much that when I shoot my load deep inside him, he came too without using his hands! True story,  and thank you Gabriel for reminding me of this…..  sweet sweet memories…  ahhhh….

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Black Man Rahra Shoot His Load on a Lollipop

15 December, 2012 (18:17) | CocoDorm | By: blatino

Rahra is not exactly a cup of tea, well not my type of tea. But he is more like dark coffee, strong coffee! Seems like this though black guy from CocoDorm likes lollipops , but I would prefer getting his big pop exploder up my wet chute even he is not my cup… eh… enjoy 😉

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African Tribal Prince Bareback Fucked by Young Black Male Servant

8 December, 2012 (05:03) | 80Gays | By: blatino

Check out this hot new 80Gays feature! ; Mark might be a tribal Prince that soon has to marry a young girl, but he is still a horny slut who hungers for big black dicks. He calls a secret gay member of the tribe to his home. Collin comes to the house as commanded. He finds the Prince on the bed in his undies. Prince Mark calls him onto the bed. They kiss and caress each others tones ebony bodies. Collin’s cock grows hard inside his undies. Mark releases the shaft and sucks it. The taste of Collin’s cock makes Mark want raw cock action up his anal hole. He covers Collin’s ass with lube ready to bare fuck him with his massive long black cock. Will Collin groan when his hole is stretched wide open?The young servant , Mark. He sure got an amazing long delicious black cock. He must be the Tribe’s holy artifact when it comes to pleasure both the men and the women!

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Hung Gay African Twinks Bareback Ass Fuck

22 November, 2012 (07:09) | 80Gays | By: blatino

Best fuck-friends Max and Marvin featured at 80Gays know each other extremely well, right down to their long black African dicks. The Afriboyz have a special relationship, so when one of them invites the other over he knows what the dirty plan is. The boys start things in the bathroom, lovingly making out and feeling each others African heat as they move in close, the bulges of their thickening black dicks rubbing together. Once naked, both elephant hung African twinks get a taste of the others piece, moving from the shower to the bedroom where the oil comes out and they get slippery and slick for some extra horny action! Who will be the one to take it RAW ? See for yourself below ;

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African Black Twinks Bareback Gay Fuck and Golden Shower

22 November, 2012 (06:53) | 80Gays | By: blatino

This week at 80Gays.  Slutty African twink Chris has invited his fuck buddy Marvin round to his parents apartment for a wild and wet ceremonial piss festival. When Marvin arrives, Chris is drinking beer, filling his bladder. The taste of beer on Chris’ lips makes Marvin horny, and he releases his friend’s hard cock from his undies, kissing and licking the swollen dark shaft. Chris urgently needs to piss, and he golden showers Marvin with steamy urine, rubbing it into his smooth black skin. When he smells the fresh urine, Marvin wants to cover his friend with his own African liquid gold. Chris squats on the floor and opens his mouth to swallow as much of the stinky yellow liquid as he can, before he licks the last drops from Marvin’s huge black cock end. This is just the foreplay, the boys goes on sucking their cock and deep bareback fucking ending in a great African cum fest!

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Smooth Boy Cristian Solo Wank for JorgesGang

10 November, 2012 (14:08) | JorgesGang | By: blatino

Cristian here doing a hot solo for JorgesGang in this hot new update. Still it might seems like his ass will be ready for action soon, because someone can not keep their hands away from  it during the movie 😉

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Latino Gay Twink Marco Solo at TribalTwinks

1 November, 2012 (09:46) | TribalTwinks | By: blatino

Marco at TribalTwinks really gets into his jerk-off video, stripping off by the river and making sure he uses his surroundings in this wonderful display of solo action. Don’t miss catching this hottie on his lonesome.

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Jacob Bareback and Cum Inside Dylan

18 October, 2012 (15:53) | JorgesGang | By: blatino

Flacko Explosivo’s Twin Brother Jordan Returns to JorgesGang.com to Give a Roasting To The ever Expanding Hole of Dylan. There was a lot of tension shooting this clip because Dylan Feel’s that Jordan is a Street Thug and Dirty.
Jordan is a Very Clean young guy with tatoo’s who look’s like he lives outside the law, but does not. JorgesGang had to stop the shoot time and time again to stop these two from fighting.Jordan Refused to have Dylan’s meat in his mouth because he said ” He think’s He’s better than me”. So Jordan tried to give Dylan as much of a disrespectful fuck as he could.
To bad we live in a Social Class Discrimination Country, where a man is judged by his position, and not with how he use’s whats between his legs or his Hole. Jacob made sure he was on top for this one.

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Latino Amature Boxer Nude and Jerking

16 October, 2012 (06:54) | JorgesGang | By: blatino

Introducing Amature Boxer, Wilmer from JorgesGang.com.  Wilmer worked at the car wash i use before getting a better job in construction. When JorgesGang first saw him all wet in short pants and rubber boot’s, with that pissed off “Don’t look at me Maricone” look on his face, they knew they had to have him.
It took  JorgesGang months to ease their way into his life by having his co-workers telephone number. After a while, Wilmer saw that JorgesGang was not out to cause a problem for him in his barrio, or with his friends and wife.Wilmer now considers himself JorgesGang‘s Macho. Wilmer is a Amature boxer with many trophy’s and medal’s, so they were happy they saw him eye to eye, and not fist to eye.

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Marcelo Mastro BareBang Ralph Jackson

6 October, 2012 (07:56) | BangBangBoys | By: blatino

Check out BangBangBoys.com‘s boy Marcello fuck Ralph Jacson raw – this is a hot video indeed.

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