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Dejuan Diamond and Domino Star

22 October, 2012 (08:24) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Domino featured on ThugBoy  is chilling outside the train station when he can’t help but notice some real sexy feet on Dejuan as he passes by. He hits the brutha up and asks if he gets down with feet and lucky for him, he sho does! They go back to Domino’s place to get their freak on since Dejuan’s girl is at work. Dejuan licks all over Domino’s toes and kisses those feet until his big dick gets rock hard. Domino knows how to take charge like a true top and puts Dejuan on his back when he’s ready for some ass, then drills his piece in and opens that shit up. He busts his nut all over Dejuan’s stomach and makes him forget all about that girl of his.

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Domino Star and Prince DJ

15 October, 2012 (16:34) | RawRods | By: blatino

Prince DJ at RawRods is in desperate need of Dr. Domino Star’s services. He has been having some lower back pain so he strips down and lays on the massage table to get some relief. Domino eyes his nice round ass and starts to oil that shit down real good. It’s only fair that he gets naked too so he strips down and gets his fat dick in Prince’s mouth while he rubs on that ass and gets it wet. Nothing is better for a sore lower back than a big thick raw dick deep up your ass and that’s just what Domino prescribes for prince’s predicament. He busts a huge nut all over Prince’s hole and sends off another satisfied customer.

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Brandon Long and Domino Star

21 September, 2012 (12:13) | RawRods | By: blatino

Domino at RawRods  is headed home and stumbles into his neighbor Brandon coming down the stairs. After getting a feel of his tight ass Domino asks if they can kick it at his place cause nothing is more fun than getting dat dick wet. He wants to know what Brandon is all about so he pulls out his big dick and has Brandon work on that for a while. You gonna be surprised how well that shorty takes a huge raw dick. It definitely looks like he’s done this shit befo. They’re fucking so good even the dog is barking! Domino puts a huge load all over Brandons back then peaces out after emptying his nuts.

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Domino Star & Jesse Rabbit & Micah Andrews

3 August, 2012 (23:59) | MixItUpBoy | By: blatino

Micah from MixItUpBoy.com looking for some thug dick at tha club and he getting just what he was looking for. He shakes that booty for Domino Star and Jesse Rabbit who take him home for some crazy threesome action. Micah can take anything these two brothers are throwing at him and they ain’t gentle… Domino makes Micah choke on that dick real good and soon he finds himself sandwiched between the two getting his ass torn up and his mouth fucked. They just fuck him non stop til Micah is begging for nut to his face!Really nice interracial threesome here from MixItUpBoy.com.

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Dmino Star and Meko Mills at ThugBoy

22 June, 2012 (23:23) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Meko from ThugBoy Studio  is trying to hit up ebony porn-star Domino for a ride to da club but Domino is already in bed. There’s only one way to wake Domino up and that’s by getting his dick hard and having him bust a nut. By the time Domino eats Mekos ass and gets his legs up in the air he’s saying shit like he isn’t sure if he can take all that pipe but he knows if he wants that ride he better. Domino is straight up loving that tight ass and there’s no way he’s letting Meko run from his big dick til he shoots.My God Meko is a nice slim petite black boy , taking Domino’s big cock with ease. Just love it! Hoping for bareback next time 😉

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Brasil Alexander and Domino Star

28 April, 2012 (04:57) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Brasil at ThugBoy  cruisin online for some dick, thinking he can sneak in a quick fuck while Domino is out. Shit, well, Domino wakes up and looks at Brasil’s laptop, he knows damn well Brasil went out to fuck around, so he gonna teach Brasil a lesson. Brasil tries to play it cool, saying he went to the corner store, but Domino ain’t buying that shit. Domino starting to get a lil ruff with Brasil, making sure he knows his place, only thing Brasil can do now is suck Domino’s dick and make it all better. Good thing Brasil knows how to treat that thug pipe right, taking that dick in all deep getting it all sloppy and ready for his wet hole. Domino makes sure he’s gonna remember this ass pounding for a while!

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AJ Jones and Domino Star

25 April, 2012 (13:28) | RawRods | By: blatino

Domino Star at RawRods is in detention again, but he just don’t give a fuck. He just loves popping in that mazurka and AJ realizes he can’t set this foo straight, so might as well just have some fun and get naked and fucked raw in the ass by that big dick brother. Domino always wanted to fuck the counselor and he finally gets his chance. He ain’t hesitating when AJ takes control of that pipe and sucking it. Domino fucks AJ hard all bent over that bench, tearing that magicking ass up and nutting right in his mouth!

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Dejuan Diamond and Domino Star in Black Ass Fucking

26 March, 2012 (09:20) | CocoDorm | By: blatino

Free gallery with Dejuan and Domino, my two favorite black twinks over at CocoDorm. Here they are teamed up for nice suck and fuck session, and I love it.19 year old DeJuan sitting in on a bizniz meeting about some skateboards or some shit like that, Domino Star is giving the presentation but DeJuan don’t give no fuck. He just starts day dreaming about that fine ass presenter dude and before you know it Domino Star is sitting naked in front of DeJuan who straight up let’s a homie know he wanna fuck him hard. DeJuan got all the cakes in the world and Domino is eager to get in there with his monster piece. He fucks DeJuan bent over the table and then let’s him ride that dick til it’s time for everybody to get some nuts!

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Domino Star Ass Wrecking Tyler Trenton

24 March, 2012 (08:35) | RawRods | By: blatino

Little black bitch Tyler is back for some raw ass ripping action with big dick super star Domino at RawRods. Oh yeah!Mr. Star is in charge of detention and Tyler shows up for skipping glass. Tyler’s being all mouthy n shit and Mr. Star asks him if he wants a dick in dat mouth. He shuts Tyler up pretty quick with his fat dick and puts Tyler on the table and fucks the hell outta him for not doing his assignment. Mr. Star end detention by busting a huge nut all over Tyler’s ass and says “Dis is how the bad boys get down huh?” It sho is!

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Domino Star and Ignition

23 March, 2012 (16:47) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Popular black Porn Star , Domino Star  is back for more hot action together with Ignition over at ThugBoy. Splendid! 🙂Domino Star and Ignition checking into their hotel room and some fool left his iPhone in there so they figure they better get their fuck on quick before someone comes to pick dat shit up! Domino already done told Ignition how he gets down and Ignition wants all that dick. He know it’s gonna be good. Domino straight up dominating that brother, giving it to him hard just fucking that cute lil ass til he blasts a fat nut all over Ignition’s chest!

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