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Day Day + Lamar Love + Meko Mills all Bareback

13 November, 2012 (18:17) | RawRods | By: blatino

Meko and Lamar are stuck in detention and it’s Mr. Day Day in charge again at RawRods! They start mouthing off and Day Day steps in to tell them that they need to be taught a lesson. When they ask what kind of lesson he pulls his huge dick out and tells them it’s how to suck and take it. Day Day bends both of them over, eats out their asses, and takes turns plowing them deep, hard and raw. These boys are horny and ready to fuck and they’re taking it up the ass while sucking on another dick nonstop. They lay Meko down on Day Day’s desk, unload a crazy amount of cum all over him and cover his face. Lamar leans down and licks some of that nut up while making out with Meko and Meko busts all over himself too right in time for detention to be over for the day.

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Artiste Styles and Brandon Long + Derrick Davis

31 October, 2012 (16:14) | RawRods | By: blatino

Artiste and Derrick at RawRods  were chilling in the park trying to figure out what they were gonna do for the night when a fine ass brother named Brandon walks by and hollas at them. Brandon asks if they wanna come to his crib and have some drinks so they go and kick it. Why not? Doesn’t take long before all their clothes are coming off and shit gets freaky. Brandon is sucking on Derrick’s monster dick, Artiste climbing on Brandon and riding him deep and hard. No need to go out when you can just fuck all night, right? Derrick and Brandon finish by giving Artiste a huge facial. You won’t even believe how much nut is in those two!

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Antonio Alvarez and Avery Alexander Cum Fuck

31 October, 2012 (16:13) | RawRods | By: blatino

Antonio and Avery RawRods are chilling in the locker room after a game of basketball and nothing makes these two hornier. Antonio eyes Avery’s round cheeks in a jockstrap and can’t control himself. He gets his dick out and they take turns blowing each other before Avery gets bent over and rimmed and finger fucked. You can tell that ass is wet cause he is moaning like he is in heat! Antonio takes full advantage and mounts Avery on all fours drilling him balls deep until he’s calling him papi. You won’t believe the amount of cum Antonio has saved up and ready to blow. He unleashes it all over Avery’s tight hole and makes sure to shove it in one last time before they shit the showers.

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Brandon Long and Day Day

20 October, 2012 (08:10) | RawRods | By: blatino

Day Day at RawRods  heard a noise in his garage and stumbled on Brandon going through his stuff. Since he was a fine ass brutha Day Day says he has something real nice up at his crib and Brandon was curious to find out what. They go chill for a bit but once Day Day gets that big fuck stick out Brandon knows what he got himself into. Day Day gets his tongue out and goes to town on his tight ass and gets that shit ready to take it. Brandon is so tight Day Day can barely get his piece up that hole but he works it in down to the nuts since that’s the only way Day Day knows how to fuck. He parks Brandon’s ass on his face and eats him out until he busts a huge nut all over.

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Domino Star and Prince DJ

15 October, 2012 (16:34) | RawRods | By: blatino

Prince DJ at RawRods is in desperate need of Dr. Domino Star’s services. He has been having some lower back pain so he strips down and lays on the massage table to get some relief. Domino eyes his nice round ass and starts to oil that shit down real good. It’s only fair that he gets naked too so he strips down and gets his fat dick in Prince’s mouth while he rubs on that ass and gets it wet. Nothing is better for a sore lower back than a big thick raw dick deep up your ass and that’s just what Domino prescribes for prince’s predicament. He busts a huge nut all over Prince’s hole and sends off another satisfied customer.

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Day Day and Naiim Sadeeq Perfect Cum Fuck

7 October, 2012 (05:44) | RawRods | By: blatino

Naiim was being a lil jokester in class and finds himself in detention again with Day Day left in charge of RawRods fresh production. Day Day has Naiim write what he did wrong up on the board but he can’t help but check out the big round ass Naiim is working with. He gives it a hard slap with a ruler and tries to find out how big of a bad boy Naiim is. Day Day pulls out his 9″ dick and has Naiim suck on it for a while before going down to taste Naiim’s smooth tight hole. Naiim’s ass is so eager it takes all of Day Day right there on the table. Day Day mounts that shit and plows it the only way he knows how: hard and deep. He busts it all over that nigger ass and fucks his juice deep inside before ending detention for the day!Perfect cum fuck in a perfect black hole!

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Lamar Love and Mike Dixon at RawRods

28 September, 2012 (09:36) | RawRods | By: blatino

Lamar at RawRods is in serious need of a rub down cause his lower back has been hurting. He hits up Mike Dixon for some help and once he starts massaging Lamars lower back he cant help but feel that big round hot ass Lamar is packing under the towel. Once Mike starts tasting that tight hole Lamar forgets all about the massage and pulls Mike’s fat fucking thug pipe out and gets to sucking it. Mike can’t take his mouth and hands off of that hole and he gets so hard fingering it. He gets Lamar so opened up he gets four fingers in and takes full advantage of that open ass by shoving his meat all the way in it. Lamar has Mike moaning and losing his mind once he starts squeezing that piece. Mike nuts all over Lamar’s face and Lamar gets his too. The only thing that got massaged was Lamar’s prostate and turns out that’s just what he needed!

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Dejuan Diamond and Koriss at ThugBoy

23 June, 2012 (23:39) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Korris is spending the night over at Dejuans crib at ThugBoy Studios , getting a little break from his girlfriend. Dejuan sets up the bed for him but Korris is horny as hell. He gets Dejuan down on his dick and tells him he sucks it better than his girl. You know Korris isn’t just happy with some head tho and he stuffs Dejuans tight ass and gets him backing it up on it. They bust dat nut and Dejuan lets Korris know to stop by again anytime his girl gets mad.Is Dejuan Diamond that black twink that got fucked by that Senator ?

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Dmino Star and Meko Mills at ThugBoy

22 June, 2012 (23:23) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Meko from ThugBoy Studio  is trying to hit up ebony porn-star Domino for a ride to da club but Domino is already in bed. There’s only one way to wake Domino up and that’s by getting his dick hard and having him bust a nut. By the time Domino eats Mekos ass and gets his legs up in the air he’s saying shit like he isn’t sure if he can take all that pipe but he knows if he wants that ride he better. Domino is straight up loving that tight ass and there’s no way he’s letting Meko run from his big dick til he shoots.My God Meko is a nice slim petite black boy , taking Domino’s big cock with ease. Just love it! Hoping for bareback next time 😉

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Breion Diamond and Levi Summers

22 March, 2012 (08:08) | MixItUpBoy | By: blatino

Breion and Levi taking a shower together gettin all sensual and romantic. But Breion isn’t the kinda dude who’s gentle, so he tells Levi’s to get on his knees and suck that motherfuckin black dick. After the shower they head to the bedroom to finish what they started. Levi works hard sucking that piece making sure it’s all ready for his ass. Breion’s dick is big, but Levi can take it. He loves it so much he’s busting all over Breion while riding him!

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