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Double Latino Twink Fuck This Week at LollipopTwinks

27 December, 2012 (00:01) | GayLifeNetwork, LollipopTwinks | By: blatino

Latino twink Dustin Cooper & blatino twink Robbie Anthony featured in LollipopTwink‘s Christmas Cock Sucking! The promise of a Christmas cock sucking for Dustin Cooper soon leads to a lot more as the boys suck on each others candy canes and Robbie Anthony slides his hard brown one into his fuck buddy’s tight little pucker! It’s a great fuck, and just how we would all love to spend our holidays too!

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Mr. Phat Lipps and Usher Richbanks

22 December, 2012 (12:32) | CocoDorm | By: blatino

New feature at CocoDorm with Mr. Phat Lipps and Usher Richbanks. Someone is definitely getting his ass lips stretched. Love the rimming scene in this vid!

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Latino Boy Robbie Anthony Fucked by Older White Man

22 December, 2012 (00:01) | ImYourBoyToy, Phoenixxx | By: blatino

Check out Jason Sparks & Robbie Anthony featured at Im Your Toy Boy in “ Sexual Therapy For Robbie Anthony “.Therapy is big business these days, and if this is what it’s like I’m not in the least surprised! Sexy Latino twink Robbie Anthony has a very special treatment today at the hands of jock daddy Jason Sparks, sucking the therapists boner and getting his perfect brown hole rimmed before Sparks fucks him hard! A cum facial is the perfect medicine for Robbie.

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Black Thugs Deka and Tyson in Gay Sex

19 December, 2012 (00:01) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Deka and Tyson featured at ThugBoy  just hanging out and gettin ready to fuck. Tyson’s dick is the bomb and Deka knows it. He gets on his knees and takes it all in, he’s trying so hard to satisfy Tyson with his oral skillz, but Tyson ain’t no chump and wants to fuck Deka. Tyson layin da pipe like nobody else can and Deka is screaming out in joy. Tyson don’t let go from this booty, he’s like attached or something, relentlessy pounding away at em cakes til Deka nuts all over himself. Soon after Tyson pulls out himsef and lands another fat load on Deka’s face!

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Super Latino Clark Kent Barebacked by Texas Holcum

10 December, 2012 (05:40) | SDBoy | By: blatino

The two hot Latino twinks featured at at SDBoy aka San Diego Boy , contiunes there obscene action. Texas fuck his buddy with no condom, and Clark just love it! Here is SDBoy‘s story ;
Like a duck to water, Clark swallows all of Texas, anally. Bouncing up and down, Clark moans and gasps. As the camera pans to the front, we can enjoy both of their stiff dicks. Texas now pounds from below and is given a kiss and a “ah fuck” from Clark; Texas does hit the spot. Grabbing Clark’s face and bringing it down, the two watch one another as they fuck, intensely. The close up of Cark cowboying is hot; not only for us, but for Texas Jr. SDBoy.com has “Texas and Clark part #2.” Riding “the range” has a “hole” new meaning; giddy up. As they change positions to doggie style, Clark says, “put it all the fucking way.” Accommodating his partner, Texas goes balls deep and soon both of them moan with each thrust. Watching Texas’ backside hump Clark is so sexy; I agree with Clark, who moans, “oh baby.” Switching to a missionary position, Clark begins to tug as Texas takes full advantage of the situation; they kiss, passionately. Damn, Texas has got some moves, bringing Clark to the edge, then changing up the pace. Texas’ balls tighten as he pumps in and out of “Superman.” “You like that, hu, dirty boy?” Clark moans as his partner pumps and penetrates, deeply. The two then lie back to masturbate; “shoot that fuckin’ load in my mouth, baby” whines Clark. Sweet cream squirts from Texas and is quickly gobbled up my Clark; “fuck yeah” moans Texas. Clark needs a bit more cock to blow his load and Texas is happy to oblige, shoving his meat into Clark’s mouth, while he jerks. The two share their loads and kiss, satisfied that “Texas is the place to be.” Download the Full Video at SDBoy.com.

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Caucasian Twink with Blatinos Robbie and Brycen

28 November, 2012 (06:03) | GayLifeNetwork, LollipopTwinks | By: blatino

Invited For A Interracial Twink Threeway at  LollipopTwinks! . White and cute twink Conner Bradley likes to share his lengthy twink dick with as many boys as possible, so when dark Latino boy Robbie Anthony and his boyfriend Brycen Russell from Peru are looking for a threeway he’s the perfect choice! Plenty of jerking and sucking gets all the boys stiff and ready, and then it’s time for Brycen to try taking that dick! The fuck train is truly hot, as is all the cum tasting at the end!

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Walter The Silent Bottom Blatino Bitch

26 November, 2012 (12:00) | JorgesGang | By: blatino

Silence can Be a really beautiful thing when seeing suck a cute twink as Walter featured at JorgesGang get fucked RAW and just taking it. His ass get also stuffed by a pretty thick butt-plug and a few fingers.  Later in this video there is also a third guy showing up, so it is ending in an awesome threesome.  Poor Walter’s ass in the end is fucking gaping wide open and then he fresh sperm all over his face!

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Oh…  and … One Of The Beautiful New Straight Guy’s who has Joined JorgesGang from Carlos and Alonso’s Barrio. Introducing Julio ;
Straight Latino Twink Julio from JorgesGang

Latino and White Class Room Sex at TeachTwinks

24 November, 2012 (00:49) | GayLifeNetwork, TeachTwinks | By: blatino

Extra Curricular Colorful  Sex Ed at TeachTwinks. Sexy Latino Robbie Anthony has a thing for the blond cutie Evan James, and when he offers some action the boy is eager to play too! They kick things off with some shared jerking, but soon Evans long pink boner is being orally worshiped by expert Robbie and the boy needs some more! Once rimmed, Robbie’s Dark brown hole is ready to get filled in, ending with the cum being fucked out of him before Evan wanks out his own load to deliver a facial!

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First Fuck with Jacob at JorgesGang

15 November, 2012 (07:01) | JorgesGang | By: blatino

Many have written JorgesGang  and asked if  they have footage of Jacob Giving up this Rump the 1st time…  Well of course they do, but it was not meant to be an update because it is more of a take out section clip, that JorgesGang shot in Black & White. The big Boss was surprised to see Jacob come over and want to expand his role in JorgesGang. He taught him all he  could to get him ready for the shoot, but he can’t take the credit for the way he was moving below him on his stomach and backing that rump up on his raw meat doggy style. We can’t wait until he returns, and hopefully he will return with his twin Elizer AKA Flacko Explosivo.Look out for Jacob’s wide gaping hole letting out some air 😉

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Antonio Alvarez and Gabriel Grant + Theo Rush

2 November, 2012 (16:54) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Gabriel and Theo are two punk ass brothers on ThugBoy who got themselves in detention again. Antonio stops in to do some cleaning and finds them there with no teacher around. Once he starts grabbing his dick these two thugs know what’s up and waste no time dropping trou. They take turns sucking on Antonio’s dick then get him bent over so Gabriel can eat out that tight ass. Theo goes first and opens that hole up, stuffing it full of dick, then Gabriel has a go at it with his huge fat pipe. Gabriel busts his nut all over Antonio’s ass, and Antonio works out a load on the teachers desk. Theo surprises everyone when he leans down and licks all that nut up cause that’s just how he do. Hot fucking shit right there!

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