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Asian Twink Liam Tuan Fucked by AJ Javier

5 January, 2013 (12:55) | AsianBoyNation | By: blatino

AsianBoyNation here brought together Liam Tuan and AJ Javier. As the two chat, they seem to have some things in common: they both like boys and they’re horny. Liam wants them both out of their clothes, and he’s not the only one. They begin with a lot of tongue and “end up” relishing Liam’s hole. AJ first works on his partner’s nipples. As the camera pans down, Liam’s large bulge expands his jeans. Next, Liam has AJ’s cock out, and in, his mouth. When the camera gets closer, Liam is all about taking care of the top’s cock. “Your mouth feels so good,” comments AJ. The pants and gasps have Liam very aroused; of course, it could also be the sweet cock he is gulping. Alternating hand and mouth, Liam’s skills are quite fun to watch and to AJ, quite fun to feel.

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 “I’m ready for that hole of yours,” comments AJ; Liam takes a bit more convincing before he unlocks his mouth for AJ’s cock. “Get on all fours, I want to fuck you doggie style,” requests AJ; Liam is happy to bend over his sweet round ass and arch his back. “That hole’s so fucking tight,” slobbers AJ; the camera is close in so we can all appreciate the hot action. Alternating slaps and strokes on his partner, the top continues to pound balls deep; the shot from behind confirms that. “Ah yeah,” are the only words coming out of Liam, the rest are moans and gasps. They switch to a side position, kiss and continue to fuck; the bottom’s hot hole is definitely welcoming to AJ, who keeps a quick rhythm. He then changes the pace; Liam admits that he’s a bit sore, but loving all of it. Even though Liam’s dick is not erect, keep an eye on his balls as they swell and tighten. “Oh yeah, baby,” moans Liam as he positions his body to relish every inch of the top. Taking over, Liam sits atop AJ and rides; the top looks at his partner and gasps, “ah fuck.” As AJ holds onto his partner’s hips, he pulls Liam all the way down onto his cock. The two go for a missionary position. Gasping as they rock back and forth, Liam’s whimpers spur AJ on; he is very close. The bottom watches AJ and licks his lips in delight. AJ pulls out and says, “I wanna fucking cum;” as he blows stream after stream, Liam holds onto AJ’s hips for support. Smiling, Liam wipes some of the cum off his face, he is covered. “That was so fucking hot, you made me want to cum so bad,” exclaims AJ. Download this video and more!

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Latino Twink Get His Butt Fucked by White Teacher

4 January, 2013 (12:25) | GayLifeNetwork, TeachTwinks | By: blatino

Cameron Kincade & Brizel featuring in “Teacher Gets Some Twink Ass!” at TeachTwinks. With a gorgeous stud like Cameron Kincade making a move it’s no surprise a horny student is gonna be more than willing to give it up! Brizel is helpless when the stud wants some cock, but that twinky dick is soon solid as it slides in and out of the teachers mouth. That’s just the start of this one, and Cameron is soon rimming out that hole and then fucking the boy on the desk all the way to some hot cum loads!

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White Twink Taking Long Hard Black Cock

31 December, 2012 (08:35) | MixItUpBoy | By: blatino

Kevin Banks featured at MixItUpBoy is admiring the car Brandon is standing next to. He asks Brandon if it’s his but it isn’t. When Brandon asks if he wants a ride Kevin gets a little confused since he just said he doesn’t have a car but eventually he gets what’s up. When Brandon pulls out his thick 11″ black dick, Kevin doesn’t even flinch. He deep-throats the shit outta that monster like a real pro. After getting it wet he bends over and puts his pink hole in the air and Brandon wastes no time taking that shit. With all 11 inches in he asks Kevin if he likes that big black dick and how could he not! Kevin is so worked up having so much cock up his ass that when Brandon unloads all over his face, he busts his nut too. It’s definitely a much better ride he could’ve ever gotten in that car!

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Black and White Fucking with Tyson Tyler & Jonny Kingdom

28 December, 2012 (11:42) | BlakeMason | By: blatino

Check out Jonny Kingdom And Tyson Tyler in this interracial feature from BlakeMason.com. New hunk Jonny Kingdom is back at BlakeMason and he’s being teamed up with one of our most popular guys for this horny session. Tyson Tyler knows how to treat a guy, and he has the tools to do a great job too. The guys work up some real heat in this ass slamming video, with Tyson delivering his meaty uncut one and giving Jonny the kind of fucking he loves – hard, deep and sweaty!

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Adam Dacre Blindfolds And Fuck Brazilian Twink

26 December, 2012 (00:01) | WorldOfMen | By: blatino

Adam gets an offer. A cute Brazilian lad wants to get fucked. Blindfolded and featured on WorldOfMen.com. Adam has an idea and goes to the lad’s apartment with Jack on tow. Adam goes in, makes sure that the lad can’t see anything and then calls jack in. He is getting horny at the idea of the guy not knowing what is really happening: Adam kisses him, sucks him, gets the lad to suck his beautifully downward pointing cock (very handy for deep throating, jack knows it) Adam loves being watched, filmed, he loves putting on a show. But the lad takes his blindfold off just before being rimmed by Adam’s expert tongue.He doesn’t notice Jack at first but he doesn’t seem very surprised by discovering a camera there. He gets turned on in fact and cant wait for Adam to fill his hole. Adam slips inside him and fucks the lad on his back for a good while then turns him face down and gives the lad another good seeing to before the lad squirts his cum on his sheets and Adam covers the lad’s belly and chest with a massive load

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Interracial Orgy with White Twink Fucked Bareback by 14 Guys

23 December, 2012 (00:01) | BukkakeBoys | By: blatino

Jameson King featured at BukkakeBoys, also know for Jamie  is from the great state of Texas in the USA… Everything in Texas is big, and Jamie’s uncut cock is no different! However, Jamie won’t be using his member much, but rather pleasing the rock solid rods surrounding him, both white, black and brown. Every Bukkake Boy is well endowed and ready to shove their cocks deep down Jamie’s throat! Followed by a proper bareback ass fuck of course! Watch this savage bareback orgy, followed by Jamie receiving a face full of warm, sticky cum! Download full scene here.

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Interracial Fucking feat. Kevin Banks and Theo Rush

22 December, 2012 (12:27) | MixItUpBoy | By: blatino

Kevin and Theo starring on MixItUpBoy are chilling on the Hotel balcony both feeling horny on vacation in Miami. They kick it for a lil bit then head inside and drop trou. Kevin loves a big black dick and when Theo pulls his out his mouth starts watering. He kneels down and sucks real deep getting it wet and rock hard. He bends over and Theo fingers his beautiful tight pink hole and leans down for a taste. He puts Kevin’s ankles behind his head and gets his 8 1/2″ black dick balls deep up that ass. They’re so horny they don’t even care if anyone hears all the moaning and ass slapping that’s going on. Theo finishes by busting a big nut right in Kevin’s mouth and they kiss and share all that cum. Then Theo spits it on Kevin’s hole and fingers it deep inside while Kevin cums all over.

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Latino Boy Robbie Anthony Fucked by Older White Man

22 December, 2012 (00:01) | ImYourBoyToy, Phoenixxx | By: blatino

Check out Jason Sparks & Robbie Anthony featured at Im Your Toy Boy in “ Sexual Therapy For Robbie Anthony “.Therapy is big business these days, and if this is what it’s like I’m not in the least surprised! Sexy Latino twink Robbie Anthony has a very special treatment today at the hands of jock daddy Jason Sparks, sucking the therapists boner and getting his perfect brown hole rimmed before Sparks fucks him hard! A cum facial is the perfect medicine for Robbie.

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Blatino Threeway with Cody Kyler, Marlone Santos & Tiago Rio

16 December, 2012 (09:49) | MixItUpBoy | By: blatino

Blatino threeway fuck in this second update here today from MixItUpBoy ; Cody draggin himself in some hot and horny Papis. He sure loves to get down and dirty on that uncut pinga. Before you know it Cody got two cocks in his face and soon after Marlone Santos gets him ready to get fucked. When Cody got enough it’s Tiago’s turn to get slammed hard by Marlone who’s ready to nut all over Tiago. After Marlone busts, Cody is ready for some more dick and let’s Tiago utterly destroy him!

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Black Skinhead Fucking USA Gay Redneck Twink

14 December, 2012 (00:01) | StraightRentBoys | By: blatino

Check out this salt and pepper couple featured at StraightRentBoys. Not exactly my cup of tea, but the black dude is ok 🙂 Here is StraightRentBoys‘s story and it is a fucking long one ;
Eddie and I have filmed a lot of guys. We see men on the futon that are here because of money, adventure and just simple curiosity. Today we film Michael Hicks, a 24 year old married guy that said he wants to “rent” another guy in order to satisfy “something I’ve always thought about.” He has jerked off a couple of guys before and says “it didn’t gross me out.” Tony Williams is going to serve as the “recipient” of Michael’s man on man sexual interest. Tony is down with that, “as long as I’m getting paid, I don’t care” he says. These two take a long time to film, but I think by the end you will see that more than money or even interest is filled here; sometimes, it’s as simple and sweet, as black and white. Our first interracial scene for Straight Rent Boys is Michael and Tony; their chemistry is palpable. Michael takes a knee and begins to fondle Tony. As they stare at each other and become more comfortable, Michael seems mesmerized by Tony’s dick. Tony takes control and brings himself up while Michael licks and sucks Tony’s balls. Tony playfully thumps his dick on Michael’s forehead before Michael again swallows. Sitting, Michael quietly comments, “that’s twice as much as my last one.” I invite the two to kiss; they lock lips tentatively, but from then on, they are in synch.Fully up, Tony rests his hand on Michael’s head as he is blown. Going up and down, Michael seems to really enjoy sucking on another guy; his oral skills are reciprocated with moans and sighs. Zooming in, you can see Michael’s interest in men is aroused the more he orally satisfies his partner. When Michael gets up from the futon, he is semi hard, just from sucking. “Bigger than I’ve been with before,” he comments, “but not a bad thing,” he adds. Transfixed on Tony’s meat, Michael does not let go as we talk; “I think Mikey likes it.” I ask if Michael wants Tony to suck on him, but Michael is not ready to let go of this “tiger,” and goes back down. He bends over Tony’s cock and engulfs again, working on getting the girth to the back of his throat. Tony is more than happy to let his partner, “explore.” Within a few more licks, Tony lets out a “wow” and the two seamlessly go back to kissing, this time with tongues. Both take a minute and lay their heads together; I think they are processing just how much fun another man can be. Michael goes down deeper on his partner; Tony begins to thrust his hips up to meet Michael’s mouth. “Try to swallow the whole thing,” I advise. “A little too much,” Michael responds, but I notice as Tony begins to fondle Michael’s dick, Michael manages to take in more of Tony. Very aroused, Michael opens his throat up wider to accommodate Tony before the two open up the futon to continue. Stretched out, Michael pulls off his underwear so that Tony may suck; this lasts but a moment, as Michael is too enthralled with Tony’s member to allow himself to be orally reciprocated. Michael is truly a “giver” and receives more pleasure out of swallowing than being swallowed. From here, the two have settled into a nice rhythm; Michael will continue until Tony is ready to cum. This takes a bit, but the footage only serves to arouse everyone. It gets very quiet as they work together to release Tony’s extracts, but the scene works very well. Tony takes over stroking his cock as his partner suckles his testicles. The deeper Michael licks, the louder Tony moans; “oh yeah” sighs Tony. Michael inhales as much as he can of Tony’s sack; Tony comes closer to orgasm. It’s really sensual to see two guys just enjoying themselves so fully; Michael trying to expand his curiosities about being with men, and Tony being so open to allow another man to explore his body, fully. Then, from a quiet sucking and licking sound, Tony explodes with, “I’m cumming” as he ejaculates, oozing down his cock and onto his groin. Michael watches intensely and then goes down to lick the wet shaft of his partner, happily. Passionately, the two kiss; all I can think is, “Ikea, here they come.” Download the Full Video at StraightRentBoys.com

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