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Tomas Mota Nude Solo in The Hot Jungle

25 December, 2012 (00:01) | TribalTwinks | By: blatino

Tomas Mota is one of the tallest twinks featured at Tribal Twink‘s  He’s well over 6ft but even being so tall he’s quite a shy guy. He’d told them he’d not jacked off for weeks leading up to the shoot and by the size of the load he strokes out for you he wasn’t kidding!

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Gay Sex with Ebony Twinks Theo Rush and Ty Lamar

19 December, 2012 (01:26) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

Theo featured at ThugBoy  is hustling some green at the park when Ty comes and hollas at him. Ty lifts his shirt up to show Theo his hard body and asks if he wants to give it a test drive and Theo is definitely down. Ty’s a real passionate brother and he licks Theo all over before getting his tongue up Theo’s ass until his eyes are rolling back in his head. Theo deep-throats his big fat dick then gets on all fours so he can get his ass opened up. These two are doing it in every position but Theo loves to climb on top and ride that shit like a champ. Ty can’t take much more of Theo’s incredibly tight ass before he’s gotta bust his nut. They both cum in each others mouth and end this hot fuck session with some snowballing.

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Jungle Twink Mateo Paz Outdoors Nudism

11 December, 2012 (07:27) | TribalTwinks | By: blatino

Mateo Paz featured at Tribal Twink‘s is a guy full of white spunk! Mateo is a hot guy. Toned and fashion conscious he’s eager to show off his body. There’s no doubt he’s a grower as his cock sneaks it’s way out of his undies it grows and then explodes in a shower of cum.

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Dark Brown Latin Boy Jaime Negro Solo

4 December, 2012 (11:01) | TribalTwinks | By: blatino

Jaime Negro featured at Tribal Twink is happy to jump straight into the action – he needs no coaxing he’s as proud as hell to flop out his thick dark cock for all to see. I’d say he’s been saving it up for weeks by the amount of cum that flies from the end of it!

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Latino Jungle Twink Pablito’s Second Solo

1 December, 2012 (10:37) | TribalTwinks | By: blatino

Pablito Solo 2 featured at Tribal Twinks. Sweaty Pablito takes a piss for the cameras and then lies out in the sun to stroke one out just for you. His 18 year old body is so hot and we explore every inch of it as he brings himself to climax and shoots a stream of sticky white cum.

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Outdoors Fucking with Kenny Kash & Roger Rodriguez

29 November, 2012 (00:01) | SpunkStarz | By: blatino

Raunchy Roger Rodriguez and Texas bad boy Kenny Kash featured at SpunkStarz.com hook up out back after class. Roger has a diesel dick that needs a full-service! They swap licks and rub each other’s sticks in. This oral service is a prizewinner! The action sizzles when Roger rides Kenny. You’ll love his ass full of dick and all the ferocious fucking! Kenny really loosens Roger up! When Kenny squirts, Roger slurps up what he can!Back to the  90’s  … ?

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Latino Twink Emilio Angel Solo

27 November, 2012 (05:20) | TribalTwinks | By: blatino

Emilio is a pretty sporty guy now aviable at Tribal Twinks . He’s got a toned body and gorgeous eyes that no doubt captivates the heart of any of his opponents on the field or in his bed. We’re more than happy to invite him into the Tribal Twinks family and we’re sure he’s going to captivate your heart as well.

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J-Rock and Raymond Usher Fucking at the Pool

26 November, 2012 (11:39) | ThugBoy | By: blatino

J-Rock always making trouble at  ThugBoy.  Ain’t got no control on dat bball or maybe that’s just his way of making conversation with that sexy slim brother Raymond Usher. Yo, Ray definitely ain’t regretting dis encounter. J-Rock got a big fat dick and ain’t afraid to use it. A little in the water massage turns into J-Rock getting his dick deep throat-ed by Ray. He damn for sure know how to take a dick. Bottom of the year no doubt. J-Rock fucking him in the pool for a motherfucking eternity absolutely tearing apart that ass. Ray ain’t complaining, yo he takes that dick like it ain’t there and takes a face full a nut at the end.

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Smooth Shaved Latino Twink Elias Solo

21 November, 2012 (00:59) | TribalTwinks | By: blatino

Elias is partially submerged in the stream as he strokes himself to attention for this solo video from Tribal Twinks. This slim tall twink has shaved himself clean just for you making his smooth chest even more lovely as it gets covered in thick cum.

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Luis Montes Solo at TribalTwinks.com

16 November, 2012 (00:01) | TribalTwinks | By: blatino

If you haven’t already guessed by now, Tribal Twinks love the outdoors. The love to see their  Latin hotties with the wind in their hair … ah who am I kidding we just want to see them naked and stroking their cocks for us. Luis is laid out on the grass which is perfect for exploring every inch of his body while he jerks off for you.

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